RIKON 70-100 Review 2022: An Ideal Mini Lathe With Increased Capacity

RIKON 70-100 is a Mini Lathe machine that provides you to do more with less space.  The choice of lathe depends upon which type of work you are expecting from it. You should always keep in mind lathe's weight, motor power, bed space, swing capacity, and several other features while buying the lathe

If you want great capacity coming in small size then definitely RIKON 70-100 should be your first choice. RIKON 70-100 is the largest mini-lathe in this business segment.

RIKON has a powerful ½ HP motor. The design of the machine provides you easy speed control ability through the variety of speed range from 430 to 3900 RPM. 

12 point indexing is one of the key features of RIKON. It gives a better locking to a work-piece in multiple positions to maintain precision in detail work. You can easily do detailed pattern work such as drilling, grooving, straight fluting, etc. 

Although, RIKON is a Mini Lathe it is capable of performing efficiently in small as well as on larger projects. 

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RIKON 70-100 Review: About RIKON

RIKON 70-100

RIKON Power Tools is a world-class designer and manufacturer of the highest quality woodworking machinery. To achieve this level, RIKON analyses customer needs and constantly improves according to the woodworkers’ expectations. 

Products available with RIKON are of the highest quality at a reasonable price. RIKON’s certified factory is situated in Qingdao, China. RIKON is an ISO 9001 certified company. Besides, it follows 6-Sigma and 5S Management systems in all its functions. 

Customer satisfaction is the prime objective of RIKON. The technical staff is well experienced in woodworking and product design. Hence, they are capable of answering all the queries very efficiently.

Efficient inventory management of RIKON parts help in quick delivery to avoid any inconvenience to the customer. 

RIKON 70-100 Top Features

1. Easy Access Speed Change

A 6-step motor installed with spindle pulley feature provides you diverse spindle speeds. The speed can be changed easily by opening the access cover and loosening the locking arm.

The lathe operator can use tension release liver to release the pulley and tighten the locking arm. This feature provides you to carve various designs using this machine.

2. Self-ejecting Tailstock

This is the most useful and time-saving feature of RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe. Self-ejecting tailstock prevents wasting time in the knock-out bar to remove the centerpiece. 

The tailstock is movable with the bed. It can move by locking and loosening the lever and relocking it again as per your requirements.

3. Ability to Add Multiple Extensions

RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe provides you with options for multiple extensions. It provides you 12” over the bed and 16” between the centers which is a sufficient space to perform the job.

You can work with a larger piece and occupy lesser space. This is a compact Mini Lathe which requires very little space even for larger projects also. 

4. ½ Hp Motor

The RIKON 70-100 has a very powerful ½ Hp motor that can easily operate at various speeds ranging from 430 -810, 1230, and goes up to 3900 RPM. This variable speed range provides a better job detailing with fine work.

5. Indexing Head for Detail Work

This is the unique feature of RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe. It has a 12-position indexing head which helps to lock the work-piece in multiple positions for more accurate and precise work. 

With this facility, you can also do detailed project work like layout, drilling, grooving, and so on. The indexing head makes the spindle lock in one position to easily remove chucks, faceplates and other residuals.

6. User-Friendly Design & Convenient Features

This Mini Lathe has a user-friendly design. Moreover, it has many features that make the work convenient and efficient. In addition to that, you can also use the nylon-face plate washers.

This plate prevents the used material from sticking on the spindle. It has a flip-up handle for mobility, tool holder and knockout bars.  Also, it can be used as a wood lathe for turning bowl.

7. Customizable Accessories for Versatility

The RIKON 70-100 provides you various accessories for versatility. You can mount the lathe on a stand and adjust the height. Besides, you can also use face plates and different accessories as per your requirements.

Its tailor-made approach makes it versatile. Most importantly, it is fully customizable as per customer need.

RIKON 70-100 Pros

  • User-friendly and customizable
  • Auto-eject tailstock to avoid wastage of time
  • Largest Mini Lathe available in this segment
  • Multiple features for easy work
  • 12 position indexing for precise and accurate work
  • 12” top of the bed and 16” between the center provides ample space
  • Large project in lesser space
  • Powerful motor operates in a variable speed range
  • Dual-purpose spindle lock
  • Easy speed alterations
  • Versatile, durable and efficient

RIKON 70-100 Cons

  • Tailstocks are very delicate for some units
  • Some segments are not perfectly fit
  • Some customer report poor technical support and rough packaging of the machine
  • Slow delivery of parts is also observed in some cases
RIKON 70-100 Review 1

RIKON 70-100 Review: Final Words

Of course, we have discussed so many things about RIKON 70-100 mini-lathe. There is no doubt about the performance of this masterpiece.

It is a versatile mini-lathe that provides multiple features to perform a job in a comfortable position. The rapid speed variation helps you to maintain the accuracy and precision of work. 

The RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe is suitable for those who have just started the workshop and for the beginners. Its automated function makes you feel comfortable to work with. 

Its 12 positions indexing head helps in locking the work-piece in multiple positions for accuracy in job design. Further, it provides 12” over the bed and 16” between the center distances, which is sufficient space to use large pieces also. 

Basically, RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe is a high output, space-saving machine. Moreover, it is a big-time saver and versatile performer. 

It is one of the best Mini Lathes available in the market. This Mini Lathe performs big job work at a high speed and consumes very less space as its name suggests.

Finally, whether you are new to this profession or you are an experienced professional in this field RIKON 70-100 is an excellent choice for you. And if you're also hunting for a midi lathe, then you can always check out our Nova Comet II review

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