NOVA COMET II Review 2022: A Perfect Midi Lathe for Woodworkers?

Whenever you choose wood lathe you should be clear about the output you are expecting from it.  Most of the woodworkers prefer middle size lathe instead of a full-size because a full-size lathe occupies large space whereas midi lathe requires less space. 

Midi lathe is best suitable, especially, for those who have a small shop and do small projects as door handles, pens, drawer pulls, tool handles, etc.  These lathes are also preferred by beginners or who do woodturning as a hobby.

Nova COMET II is a portable, space saver lathe with the capacity and stability like a larger lathe. It is a perfect lathe for a wide range of woodworking and woodturning projects.

NOVA COMET II includes 5 Piece Mini Chisel Set and NOVA G3 Reversible Chuck. In 5 Piece Mini Chisel Set, there is Spindle gouge(⅛”), Parting tool(⅛”), Round Nose Scraper (¼”), Skew Chisel (¼”), and Spindle Gouge (¼”).

It has a powerful variable speed motor of 3/4 HP which offers a wide range of speed from 250-4000 rpm as per the project’s demand. With a low to high-speed flexibility makes the NOVA COMET II the first choice of all the woodworkers. It also has a Speed monitoring screen to check and adjust the speed of the motor.

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Nova comet ii

NOVA is one of the topmost award-winning brands in the field of woodworking. Nova lathes and chucks are the most important innovations in woodworking under the NOVA brand and have been working over the last 25 years. 

The company named Latalex Ltd started as a general engineering manufacturing with specific product designs like the Radial Arm Saw. It has come up with a great revolution in woodturning by introducing a large number of features across the industry.

These features include extendible beds, 4 jaw self-centering chucks, swivel headstocks, high tensile steel for precision machines. Woodturning equipment is developed under the NOVA brand. 

In the late 80s Latalex Ltd Teknatool International, Ltd. Teknatool under the brand name NOVA collected many awards and honors including the top 5 of 25 most innovative products for the previous 25 years by Wood Magazine. Still, it continues to be voted as ‘Best Value’ and user’s choice.

NOVA COMET II Top Features

1. Electronic Variable Speed

One of the most important and unique features of NOVA COMET II among others is its motor speed and speed range. This midi lathe machine best fits in the speed criteria.

It not only provides a reasonable speed rate but also has a wide range of adjustable speed. Basically, it is designed to run within 250 to 4000 RPM (Revolution Per Minute).

2. 3-Step Pulley System

The 3 step pulley system offers various speed ranges with maximum flexibility. These ranges are High, Mid, and Low, which enables the user to adjust the speed according to the speedy and precise work. 

3. Flexible Switches

NOVA COMET II is designed with reverse and forward functional switches. This feature makes this product a very flexible tool with high precision in woodworking.  

4. Swing Capacity

NOVA COMET II has 12” swing capacity over its bed with a distance of 16.5” between centers. It adds to the flexibility of the machine to use an accessory to extend the bed for enhancing the foundation of lathe for the longer projects. 

5. Cast Iron Bed Material

The material of the bed is made of cast iron to minimize the vibration for obtaining the precise output. The quality of the material makes the bed tough and strong.

6. Adaptability

The use of other accessories like bed extension stand and reversible chuck makes the NOVA COMET II a more flexible and versatile product among all.

7. Speed Adjustment Screen

It has a speed display screen which is very useful to see the exact speed of the machine and adjust according to the job requirements.

Including the above features NOVA COMET - II has some additional features like

  • Extendable beds
  • Smart accessories
  • Long reach tools
  • Strong spindles
  • Solid Cast Iron Bed
  • Precise Output
  • Quick Action Cam Control
Nova comet 2


  • Voted as ‘Best Value’ machine
  • Best suited for beginners or woodworker who works on a small project
  • Strong motor with a capacity as a larger lathe
  • Vibration and noise-free
  • Solid and tough but lightweight
  • Good swing capacity
  • Quick speed display screen
  • Variable speed range (low-high)
  • 3-Step Pulley System
  • 3/4HP powerful electronic variable speed motor
  • Speed range from 250-4000rpm
  • Good customer service
  • Reversible G3 Chuck


  • The low-speed range is not suitable for smooth operation
  • Belt slippage issues are noticed occasionally
  • Only 2 years warranty is available
  • Assembly of parts is not easy. It needs extra care and safety
  • The general surface finish needs to be better
  • Handwheel has no screen to lock
Nova comet

NOVA COMET II Review: Final Words

NOVA COMET II is an exceptionally lightweight lathe machine for woodturning and woodworking. Although it is lightweight it does not compromise with its quality at all. Its bed is made of cast iron which gives this machine a strong and tough body with no or minimal vibration. 

The provision of additional accessories makes it flexible for both the smaller as well as large projects.  Various speed ranges are available in this machine for getting the precise output. 

NOVA COMET II has an extendable bed features. It can also increase torque and power to make it a multifunctional machine for any project.

As it is lightweight it is very handy and portable. We can easily move this machine from one place to another place. It works in a very small space. So, it is the best suitable machine for the small shops, for the hobbyist, and also for the beginners. 

It is all in one machine that has a flexible design, handy, lightweight that does not compromise with the quality. It comes with various features to get precise output with minimal noise. 

Finally, keeping all the above-mentioned features in mind we highly recommend the NOVA COMET II for all types of woodworkers, beginners, and all those who do the woodwork as a hobby. Oh! And if you're interested in a mini lathe instead, check out our Rikon 70-100 review.

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