6 Best Wood Wax in 2022

Do you have a passion for woodworking? Most importantly, if the desire for a beautiful wooden embellishment to adorn your home is deep-rooted within you, then you know how essential woodworking tools are.

Wood is prone to discoloration and deterioration over time. And such a phenomenon arises from a process like weathering. In that case, most of you opt for equipment that allows you to avoid such cases.

Out of the many processes to make wood more durable, one is called wood waxing. We are going to guide you towards buying the best wood wax available in the market.

By all accounts, solving complications regarding change of color and furniture staining, wood waxing is the finest choice of them all.

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6 Best Wood Wax Reviews

Providing capital for wood waxing is an ideal option since it allows you to retain your furniture's grandeur. However, there are many choices at your disposal. In that case, selecting the correct product becomes an inconvenience.

For that, you need proper knowledge regarding the products accessible. Therefore, this comprehensive review of various products will enlighten your prospect.

1. Touch of Beeswax Wood Furniture Polish and Conditioner with Orange Oil

Touch of Beeswax Wood Furniture Wax

Have you been working on a new wood project? Instead, are you looking to fix your previously owned furniture that suffered weathering? Either way, this product gives you the liberty to use the wax in complete and incomplete furniture.

When it comes to revitalizing a period piece or an heirloom, this wax works exceptionally well. Moreover, the incomparable preserving mixture renovates all the furniture at your home. Also, you can use this wax on your floor as a conditioner.

The solution directly infiltrates the weather-beaten surfaces of your wooden pieces bestowing a radiant and polished richness. For those of you who are a collector of relics, this product is a necessity.

Essentially, for a superior finish, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the surface with a provided cleansing product.

Subsequently, the constituents, including orange oil used in making the cleaning item, are organic and possess no threat or toxicity to the environment. Similarly, children and pets are out of harm’s way regarding the composition of the solution.

If you apply the preserver and leave it all night off, the fluid will seep into the wooden surface for about a quarter of an inch. As a result, the solution prohibits the desiccation and rupture of your piece. The natural ingredients in the creation of wax are beeswax, orange oil, and carnauba wax.


  • Organic constituents used in making
  • Solution perforates quarter inch
  • Can be used in a new and old furniture
  • Restores weathering damage
    Includes cleaning solution 


  • Too slippery
  • Takes a long time to soak up

2. Ultra HIGH Gloss 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax  

Ultra HIGH Gloss 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax

Who does not want a shiny surface on all their furniture? If you consider yourself a woodworking enthusiast, then you know the efficiency of a robust and polished top. Regarding this product’s effectiveness, it features a 33 percent increase in the stable acrylic composition.

A solid acrylic surface suggests that the wax exhibits seamless coating with optimal durability. Most importantly, the damage sustained to the wooden structure is easily correctable. Apart from ensuring an inclusive glow, the solution also highlights its rapid drying potential.

Furthermore, with quick-drying ability, the wax ensures minimal time consumption to get your desired outcome. In case you are applying this product to your floor, not only does this permit you effortless application, but it also requires a significantly reduced amount of cover compared to other products, just like the easy-to-remove polyurethane for floors.

The immensely long-lasting effect of the wax showcases the capacity of the wax to endure harsh weathering conditions. Above all, the patented polymer technology guarantees you maximum protection starting from dust to bacteria.

You can use this product to your all types of floors, including tiled and concrete floors. Other than displaying an immaculate glow, the wax mixture enables you to rejuvenate your old wooden furniture.

Additionally, incorporating the scratch-resistant element makes sure of utter diligence to your piece of timber in case of lacerations.


  • Saves time due to fast drying
  • Includes scratch and stain resistant feature
  • 33 percent increase in solid acrylic composition
  • Ensures user-friendly application
  • Included patented polymer technology


  • Water may result in white spots
  • Finishing may flake 

3. Howard CS0014 Citrus Shield Paste Wax

Howard CS0014 Citrus Shield Paste Wax

As you all know so far, orange oil consists of antiseptic elements in its composition. To prepare and clean your wood surface for the application of wax, the inclusion of orange oil significantly improves the penetration and leaching capacity of the solution under consideration.

Moreover, the cleaning agent's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal component further complements the ability to clean any wooden surface. Similarly, apart from ensuring utmost smoothness and shine, the addition of carnauba wax promotes water repellant ability due to the decreased friction with increased glossiness.

On that note, the water-resistant coating of carnauba wax highlights a protective covering to retain optimum durability and speeds up the application process due to the solution's easy utilization proficiency and competency.

Planning to refurbish your worn-out wooden floor? Then this wax is just right for you since it incorporates citrus-shield premium paste wax that provides proper finishing to not only your floors but also your antique furniture and decorative wooden piece. You can also use this on incomplete projects.

This effortless and manageable solution leeches into the wooden item and rejuvenates the surfaces from stain, scratch, and weathering. Evidently, the protective layer of wax thoroughly manifests a glossy outlook with hardwearing abilities.


  • Exhibits long-lasting capacity
  • Waterproof coating of carnauba wax
  • Includes orange oil as a cleaning agent
  • Incorporates citrus-shield premium wax paste
  • User-friendly usage in various pieces


  • Results in streaks after application
  • Complications in opening the container 

4. Daddy Van's Wood Wax Conditioner and Protectant

Daddy Van's Wood Wax Conditioner and Protectant

It is crucial not to let yourself get limited to a particular product that exhibits a potential threat to the environment and its citizens. So much so that many chemicals from such products can contribute to the global warming crisis.

Besides, it falls to you, as a citizen, to demonstrate responsible behavior towards the environment.

Unlike any other product, this wax beholds the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification for incorporating 100 percent bio-based elements in the product's composition. Moreover, the non-petroleum distillate product prevents the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body.

Concerning the safety of your children along with your home atmosphere, this solution maintains an additive-free and toxicant-free blend. As a result, you no longer need to worry about inhaling toxic chemicals in your household. Not to mention, this wood wax guarantees impeccable shine in all your wooden pieces.

In retrospect, the ingredients used in the formation of the solution are all organic, which further adds to the environment's safety and protective aspect.

Two of the essential constituents used in the composition of conditioner and protectant of this product are lavender and orange oil. Also, it works well on metallic surfaces.

Subsequently, the fragrance of lavender heals and refreshes the ambiance. Besides, orange oil works as an aseptic for ideal cleaning.

Furthermore, the beeswax blend provides optimal invasion of the wooden pores, even in your incomplete projects. Hence, it protects from drying, cracking, and water damage.


  • Prevents drying out and moisture damage
  • Includes orange oil and lavender
  • Free of additional chemicals
  • USDA approved 100 percent biobased
  • Non-petroleum distillate product


  • Does not clean so well
  • The fragrance is mild

5. Briwax Darkbrown Brown Dark Furniture Wax, Cleans, Stains, and Polishes

Briwax Darkbrown Brown Dark Furniture Wax

You all know the significance of versatile wood wax. Chiefly, if you are a passionate craftsman of various kinds of wooden pieces, then this particular wax is an outstanding option.

This solution can perform the finishing, reconditioning, and waxing process in your antique furniture and unfinished pieces.

Predominantly, an exclusive feature that sets this product apart from the rest of the models available is the inclusion of unique components that inhibit any stain formation, even from your fingers, on the wooden items.

This feature ensures maximum convenience when it comes to the application process, as you are free from stain stress.

For an experienced artisan, this wax allows full freedom when it comes to revitalizing your vintage specimen that underwent severe weathering. You will receive professional-level execution through the product’s remarkable composition of bee and carnauba wax without any doubt.

The addition of carnauba in creating the solution ensures a smooth and slippery finish that prevents the entrance of moisture into the structure. Most importantly, it resists the accumulation of dust and filth particles. On top of that, the beeswax further adds to the water-resistant attribute.

Beeswax is capable of quickly feeding and sustaining the wood surface through efficient infiltration capacity. In particular, it works as a preservative and provides a durable coating that repels moisture damage. Fundamentally, you can eliminate minor scruffs on your dark wooden structures without color damage.


  • Used in all types of furniture
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides long-lasting effect
  • Contains carnauba
  • Consists of beeswax


  • Foul smell during application
  • Slippery and messy while using 

6. STAPLES 211 Carnauba Paste Wax

STAPLES 211 Carnauba Paste Wax

If you are in the woodcraft business for a long, then you know how famous this product at issue is. This wax showcases optimal buffing and finishing in your wooden pieces as an expert, including furniture, cabinets, wooden floors, and substantially any wooden surface.

The superior quality carnauba wax ingredients come from the palm trees of Brazil. Primarily, the carnauba content in the overall solution is around 45 percent, which predominantly makes the product organic.

In essence, the premium blend not only ensures radiance on your structure but also secures water resistance.

Aside from encompassing a smooth and polished surface, this product allows the user to set the seal on convenient utilization. The wax is famous for its hard paste-like consistency. So bid farewell to those days of messy and slippery coating that ruins your working space.

Beyond everything, the manufacturer company avoids the addition of any chemical-related elements that may put you in harm’s way. In case you have a child at home, maintaining absolute caution and carefulness is the ultimate course of action.

Besides, the maker also prevents the inclusion of beeswax in the solution’s constituents because it is not as durable as it wears off within a few years. For that, the frequency of reapplication increases with the wax that contains beeswax. In this product’s case, the ability to last for a long time is prevalent.


  • No synthetic chemical added to the composition
  • Steers clear of beeswax inclusion
  • Paste-like consistency for easy application
  • 45% content of carnauba wax
  • Avoids moisture damage to the surface


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Turns white 

What to Look for Before Buying

Are you determined that wood waxing is the ultimate choice to provide a smooth finish to the wooden surface? In that case, you need clear-cut knowledge about the distinct features associated with different types of products.

By gaining adequate information on specific details, you will make the right purchase, whether it's waxes for furniture or epoxy resins for bar tabletop.

Beeswax Versus Carnauba Wax

Wax is the integral component present in all products since it is the base for getting the perfect glow on wooden surfaces. However, many of you may assume all the ingredients used in making wood wax are identical. Well, you could not have been more wrong.

Each product in the list above has its configuration when it comes to the formation material. Among several mentions, two of the most critical element is beeswax and carnauba wax.

1. Beeswax 

You all know what beeswax is. To sum up, it is the honey made by the bees to build their honeycomb. Most importantly, you all have no concerns about the health benefits of honey. However, do you know the advantages of incorporating beeswax in the wax for woods?


The inclusion of beeswax helps the solution leach into the surface and work as a seal to fend off moisture damage. On top of that, this ingredient also ensures dust-resistant performance. The formula of the beeswax helps prepare a consistency that allows a smooth spreading method without any effort.

2. Carnauba wax

You may find the addition of this ingredient in almost all wood-wax. Although no one can guarantee you the purity of the ingredient and place of origin, ergo, you must exhibit caution when selecting a product based on where it originates.

If your wood wax consists of pure carnauba, rest assured the solution can acquire a consistency harder than concrete. Similarly, the constituent is 100 percent organic, which means no synthetic additive is present in the wood wax composition.

Carnauba wax

Apart from ensuring smooth and even result on your wood pieces, this ingredient also protects and shields the wooden surface from damages, including intense temperature.

Correspondingly, if you think your heirloom is prone to scruff and scratches, this ingredient ensures a reduced possibility of abrasion.

Wood Oil Versus Wood Wax

You already know, many of the products previously mentioned consists of oil. And some do not include oil, only wax. Both pro and an inexperienced artisan must know the difference between the two, and according to your preference and need, ultimately choose the correct option for you.

1. Wood Oil

In general, wood oil perforates the wooden surface's pores, and within the surface, an oxidation process takes place that strengthens the all-inclusive structure. The outcome of the process ensures a significantly dry but not oily finish, which further helps in acquiring a stain-free operation.

Wood Oil

Seemingly, keeping the sustenance and nourishment of wooden structures in mind, the oil helps preserve your piece's inside and outside through proper feeding methods. In case of scratch damage, oil application allows for easy repair and restoration through a simple sanding procedure. These are perfect as clear coats for kitchen cabinets.

2. Wood Wax

For instance, you are working on a piece of timber that is budget-friendly. Although the difference between expensive wood and inexpensive wood is quite visible, good wood wax will allow you to demonstrate a shiny finish that resembles an extravagant period piece.

As a matter of fact, the waxing method permits you to reapply and buff your wooden structure as much as you want until you reach your desired radiance.

Wood Wax

More often than not, the usage of wood wax comes after applying wood oil for maximum protection and coverage since it aids in water and dust-resistant aspects.

Nevertheless, some wood wax products consist of oil inherently present in the composition. A typical example of it is citrus. This built-in oil also provides a lustrous effect to the countertop you plan to put it on.

Organic Versus Inorganic

There is no doubt about the beneficial attributes of organic constituents in the wood wax. Not only does organic wax contribute to the environmentally safe aspects, but it also generates a natural glow to the furniture at your house.

More significantly, to keep your children out of harm's way, a few of the organic wood wax products also ensure edible qualities to maintain a toxicant-free atmosphere.

Even though organic wood wax provides many advantageous qualities without synthetic chemicals in its formula, it does not supply the durable and robust wax of a chemically induced solution.

If you want a quick and deep-rooted solution, then you can opt for an inorganic wood wax. However, keep in mind, the harmful and toxic emission is quite frequent with such products.

Versatility And Adaptability 

Are you wondering if you can apply your product on different surfaces? In truth, this will come as no surprise to you since several wood waxing products allow the user to wax even metallic surfaces.

From wood to concrete to tiles to metals, products that display absolute versatility ensure every vital surface in your home gives a glossy and polished glow. Not only will this feature help you make a cost-effective decision, but it also reduces your workload significantly.

Keep in mind; some wood waxes are only for polishing wooden surfaces. In that case, it is ideal if you go through the instructions on the label of the product to make sure you get the wax that you wished for.


If you ask any woodcraft fanatic an essential part of wood waxing, the answer is most definitely the cleaning process. With a suitable cleaning agent's help, you can get rid of the dust, dirt, and oil present on the wooden surface.

To a great degree, the initial step of cleaning results in a clean and contaminants-free surface that allows the wax to cling to the wooden structure's fibers. In truth, orange oil is one of the most premium-quality cleaning agents that provides antiseptic cleansing.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many unanswered questions from customers, and through that, you will gain further access to more information. Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below.

1. Does the wood oil dry or remain oily?

Of course, the wood oil dries. However, you need to maintain the proper amount during the application not to accumulate too much grease. Overuse of oil can result in a sticky surface.

2. Should I peel off the previous coating before applying the new layer?

It relies on the type of furniture you plan to put wax on. In the case of antique furniture that suffered several years of weathering, the correct approach is to eliminate the previous coating with the right cleaning agent.

3. Do I get to put on darker wax over light wax?

Absolutely, there is no problem. However, it would be helpful if you keep in mind that a darker wax over a lighter wax will change the color. Although for an overall color change, the peeling of previous wax is vital for obtaining the right color.

4. Is it possible to apply varnish over wood wax?

Unfortunately, no, after applying wood wax, you cannot apply any other product to cover or coat the surface again. If you apply varnish, it will not stick to the surface.

5. Does wood oil exhibit a safe environment if used around food places?

Most certainly, most wood oils consist of all-organic ingredients that even make the oil edible. However, please do not drink it. It is not recommended. In fact, any proximity of the oil with food does not impede the edibility of your meal.        

Final Words

At long last, we have come to an end. The variety of product reviews will surely help you decide to purchase an authentic product in all probability. If anything, the best wood wax is the one that is most suitable for you and your furniture’s preference.

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