8 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Wood Reviews

Because of how popular power saws and other electric cutting tools are becoming nowadays, hand saws might seem a relic of the past. But even though the power tools will allow you to finish off your cutting tasks quickly and easily, they simply can not offer the precision and accuracy that the manual hand-operated tools can offer.

For the accuracy and precision that one of the best hand saws for cutting wood can offer, they are basically a vital tool for workshops. You will be able to cut wooden structures with maximum precision and get accurate cuts using them.

These are exceptionally versatile as well. So even if you do have one of the power tools in your possession, you should get one of these.

8 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Wood

Though there are plenty of great options in the market, not all of the units you will stumble upon will be worth buying. To make the choosing process a bit more manageable for you, we have selected the ones that we believe offer a decent amount of performance and are worth spending money on. They are:

1. WilFiks 16" Pro

WilFiks 16" Pro

You might have to work for hours after hours on your project using a hand saw. And it is quite essential for it to be comfortable to hold on to. Well, WilFiks had factored that in when they were planning to offer this to the market.

First of all, the overall design of the unit is quite ergonomic. The handle that it features on end has an anti-slip rubber coating. That coating will not only allow you to get a good grip over the handle but also will make it comfortable for you to hold on to it.

It is extra large in size too, which will lower the chances of fatigue occurring when you are working with it.

Apart from the ergonomic handle, the overall construction of the unit is pretty durable. The blade contains induction-hardened teeth. Those will stay sharp for at least five times longer than the standard teeth that most of the brands use.

Other than that, the blade is reasonably thick. It is constructed of carbon steel, which makes it achieve a high level of rigidity. Because of how rigid it is, you will also be able to get a good amount of control over it when working with it.

Also, the blade is properly secured to the handle, which is going to lower the chances of it falling off. You can expect to have a reliable performance out of it.


  • Overall design is quite ergonomic
  • Features an oversized handle
  • Teeth are induction-hardened
  • Sports a reasonably thick blade
  • Blade is secured properly to the handle


  • A bit hefty
  • Some of the units ship with missing screws

2. BLACK+DECKER Electric PHS550B


Want something that will offer the precision of a manual saw but borrows the traits of an electric one? Well, then this one from BLACK+DECKER is the one for you!

To start with, it implements a unique tool-free design. That will enable you to change the blades without using any tools. So when the blade does get a bit dull or damaged, you will not have to tinker around intricate tools just to get it out of the frame.

Alongside that, the overall form factor of the unit is reasonably compact. You can easily store it in your tool cupboard after using it. Also, it is pretty lightweight too. You will have no trouble at all in carrying it around from one place to another. Also, that lightweight body will make it easier for you to work with it.

Other than the form factor, the motor that it packs is 3.4 amps. That will make the blade spin at 4600 RPM, which will enable you to cut thick pieces of wood pretty easily. You will also get maximum control and precision when you are carrying out cutting tasks because of how lightweight it is.

Lastly, the power cord is six feet long. That will enable you to easily plug it into the power socket that is around your working area. And the blade is reasonably large too.


  • Combines the power of an electric tool with a manual tool
  • Features a tool-free design
  • Comes with a large blade
  • Power cord is six feet long
  • Packs a 3.4 amps motor


  • Blade is a bit flimsy
  • Does not come with any instructions

3. IRWIN Tools Universal 1773465

IRWIN Tools Universal 1773465

When you are handling a large-scale wooden project, speed and precision are the only friends you will need. And even though this unit that IRWIN is manual, it can offer you speed that hardly any of the other ones can offer.

Unlike some of the other units, the blade that it comes with has triple-ground teeth. That will let it offer the speed that you can only get from electric tools. You can cut up to three times faster than the regular ones. That means it will not take you that long to finish off your large-scale projects with this.

Apart from that, it implements a universal tooth grind. That will remove materials from the surface quickly.  For that reason, the cut that you are going to end up with will be smooth. The tapered-pitch nose will allow it to remove the elements from the path faster, which will significantly enhance overall stability.

Other than that, the body of the unit is reasonably thick. It incorporates the water-based lacquer coating that will enhance the overall control. And the handle has a high-density resin grip. The resin has an ergonomic shape that will enable you to work with it for a long amount of time without facing any hand fatigue.

Besides that, the blade is attached to the handle firmly. That will ensure that it does not move around that much when you are making cuts on a high-density wood.


  • Features triple-ground teeth
  • Utilizes universal tooth grind
  • Tapered-pitch nose
  • Offers a substantial amount of control
  • Handle has an ergonomic shape


  • End of the blade is a bit flimsy
  • Not that easy to control on hardwood



Regardless of the blade's material, if the teeth are not strong, it will not last for an extended amount of time. Stanley knew that exactly well, and that is why they have incorporated advanced technology for this unit that they are providing.

To start with, it incorporates induction-hardened teeth on the blade. That induction hardening makes the teeth up to five times stronger than the regular units out there. For that reason, they will last for a considerable amount of time without showing any signs of falling off.

Aside from the teeth, the design of the handle of the unit is well thought out. It features an ergonomic shape and has an anti-slip coating on the exterior. That coating will make sure that you have total control over the unit when you are handling it.

And the shape will lower the chances of fatigue occurring if you work with it for a prolonged time.

Other than that, the blade is of durable material as well. It is 15 inches long, which will enable you to drag it across thick and reasonably massive wooden pieces at ease. And it is of high-quality steel, making it exceptionally durable. You can expect to use it for a prolonged amount of time.

Lastly, it packs SharpTooth technology that will enable it to cut up to 50 times faster than the conventional units.


  • Teeth are induction-hardened
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Handle has an anti-slip coating on it
  • Flaunts SharpTooth technology
  • Overall construction is reasonably durable


  • Alignment of the unit is not ideal for markings
  • Sharpness is not that praiseworthy

5. Shark Corp 10-2312

Shark Corp 10-2312

Even though most of the hand saws are going to boasts a durable and sharp blade, not all of them will perform adequately on all types of woods. Well, that is where this one from Shark Corp is different.

First of all, the blade that it comes with has 14 teeth in one inch. That amount of teeth will enable you to get clean cuts. Also, it will be pretty easy for you to drag it across all types of wood because of having a high density of teeth. Getting clean cuts will not be an issue for you, even when you are working with hardwood.

Other than that, the blade is exceptionally flexible. Because of having that flexible characteristic, it will be pretty easy for you to maneuver it around most of the woods.

Also, the replacement process is pretty easy and straightforward. You will not have to go through that much of a hassle when the blade gets damaged and requires a replacement.

Alongside that, the handle of the unit is angled. That angled-shape of the handle will promote a natural positioning of the hand. As a result, you will be able to carry out prolonged cutting tasks without facing any sort of discomfort.

Besides that, the handle is also able to offer you a significant amount of control. You can get accurate and precise cuts pretty easily.


  • Has 14 teeth in per inches
  • Offers clean cuts
  • Handle is angled
  • Features a replaceable blade
  • Can cut most of the woods smoothy


  • Teeth are not that durable
  • Can not cut that fast

6. GreatNeck N2610

GreatNeck N2610

If you were searching for a hand saw to accompany your lightweight and cordless jigsaw—that is not only durable but also portable—then you should definitely check out what GreatNeck has to offer here.

Let us talk about the most highlighting factor of the saw first. The overall form factor of the unit is reasonably compact and small. That will enable you to store it pretty. You will be able to easily pack it in the small-sized toolboxes without any issues.

Even though the unit is compact in size, the blade of the unit is perfect for all types of cutting tasks. It is 26 inches long and contains razor-sharp teeth. And it will be pretty easy for you to drag it across large and thick wooden pieces because of that length.

Also, the razor-sharp teeth are going to ensure that the cuts that you get are smooth and clean.

Aside from that, the blade features a construction of durable materials. GreatNeck utilized high-quality steel for the blade. It has a 12 TPI rating, which is reasonably high compared to the other available units. And as the steel is of high carbon, you will be able to use it for an extended amount of time.

Besides that, the handle of the unit is of wood. It has a dark stain coating that will not only make it look good but also will enable it to resist water damages. The shape of the handle is also ergonomic.


  • Compact and highly portable
  • Blade is 26 inches long
  • Features a construction of durable materials
  • Sports an ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Handle is weather resistant


  • Some of the units arrive with scratches and dings
  • Teeth are prone to bending

7. Vaughan BS240P

Vaughan BS240P

For a certain type of project, you might feel the requirement of having a pull saw rather than the push ones. And this one that is from Vaughan is a worthy pick in that regard.

To start with, Vaughan utilized quality materials for the overall construction. The blade of the unit is of high carbon Japanese steel. That is is not going to bend that easily, even if you are working on a high-density wood. And it is reasonably sharp, which will allow you to get clean and smooth cuts pretty easily.

Other than that, the handle of the unit has an angled-shape. That will enable you to rest your hands on it naturally. As a result, the chances of fatigue occurring will be considerably low. You can work with it for a long amount of time without facing any discomfort.

Alongside that, the handle also has a unique shape that will enable you to carry out the pull motion pretty easily. You will be able to make cuts using the pull motion without facing any obstructions.

Also, the blade of the unit has a tool-free replacement mechanism. So when it becomes dull or gets damaged for some reason, you will not have any trouble replacing it.

Lastly, the handle has an anti-slip coating on it. That will make sure that your hands do not slip off when you are cutting woods using it.


  • Implements Japanese steel for the blade
  • Blade is reasonably sharp
  • Angled-shaped handle
  • Features a tool-free blade replacement mechanism
  • Handle has an anti-slip coating


  • Teeth are comparatively small in size
  • A bit hard to do long strokes using it

8. Kelllelldaaa Ryoba 9-1/2"

Kelllelldaaa Ryoba 9-1/2"

There are a plethora of well-performing saws out there. However, hardly a few can match the versatility that this one from Kelllelldaaa has to offer.

First of all, the unit has teeth on both sides. However, both of the sides are for a dedicated task. One of the sides has cross-cut teeth that are ideal for trimming woods.

And the other one has rip teeth, which is for making cuts on the crosssection. It achieves the versatility that we talked about because of having a different type of teeth on each side.

Other than that, this one also sports a small and compact form factor. That will enable you to carry it and store it pretty easily. It will not take that much amount of space in your tool cabinet or toolbox. Also, It is pretty lightweight, making it easier to control. You can cut with a maximum amount of precision using it.

Besides that, the handle is made of exotic wood, which has proper polishing on it. That polishing is going to make it look elegant. Also, it will make it resist water and scratches. It also has a grip, which will enable you to get a firm grip over it. As a result, it will be pretty easy for you to maneuver it.

Lastly, the blade features a construction of Japanese steel. That material is well known for the durability, and the same thing can be seen here too.


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Small and compact in size
  • Blade is of Japanese steel
  • Features a durable handle
  • Easy storage and maneuvering


  • Handle has a flimsy blade connector
  • Not that easy to replace the blades

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before you jump into making a purchase decision, there are some things that you need to factor in. Those will help you make the right purchase decision, which will eventually make you buy something that performs well. The factors that we are talking about are:


The blade is the most important part of the saws. No matter how well-performing the manufacturer state their product is, if the blade is not of durable material, you will not be able to get a good cutting result out of it.

Hand Saws for Cutting Wood

For that reason, you need to make sure that the one that you are planning to purchase has a blade that is of durable material.


Alongside the quality of the blade, you should also emphasize the durability of the teeth. A good blade with average quality teeth will not get you anywhere. That is why you should make sure that the blade has durable teeth on it. Those will be able to offer you smooth and clean cuts.


Another thing that you need to consider when you are purchasing one of these is the sharpness. The sharper the blade, the cleaner the cuts you will get. Alongside that, with a sharp blade, you will be able to grind through thick and dense wood pretty easily. You will not even have to put that pressure on them.


The handle is another important factor that you should put a priority on. First of all, you need to make sure that the handle has an ergonomic shape. The shape is going to dictate how comfortable it will be for you to work with it. Also, ergonomic handles can lower the chances of fatigue occurring substantially.

Alongside that, you also have to consider whether the handle has a nonslip coating on it or not. Without that, your hands are going to be prone to slipping.

 Hand Saws for Cutting Wood

On the other hand, the ones that do have a nonslip coating on the handle will offer you better control over your movements, which will allow you to get accurate and precise cuts on your workpiece.

Types of Hand Saw

Just like any other tool, there are different types of hand saws available too. Including the basic one, there are a total of four different kinds. Let us give you a quick rundown of each of them to make you familiar with them.

Basic Saw

These are the ones that you are going to see in the hands of many woodworkers. Unlike the other types, these do not have that many bells and whistles. Just like the name states, these are actually basic. These do not have any special purpose either. They are used for making regular cuts on the wooden workpieces.

Apart from the functionality, these usually have a reasonably large sized blade. The blade will usually have teeth only on one side only. However, there are many out there that will have teeth on both sides. Those are multi-purpose saw and does not really fall in the category of a basic saw.

Basic Saw for cutting wood

Nevertheless, the teeth of these tend to be comparatively hard, which will enable you to make quick cuts. Some will have induction-hardened teeth that will allow you to get clean and smooth cuts.

Crosscut Saw

This type is generally designed to cut across the grain. Unlike the other ones, these have teeth that are beveled. Those beveled teeth allow them to grind through the grains quickly. The teeth will also ensure that the blade can shear through the fibers of the wood while cutting.

hand Crosscut Saw for cutting wood

However, maneuvering these is not that easy, given that the teeth have a beveled shape. So if you are planning to use one of these for regular day to day cutting tasks, you should consider this point beforehand.

Ripping Saw

Just like the name suggests, these have a specific design that will enable you to rip through the grains. Instead of cutting across, like the crosscut, these will cut with the grain. The teeth of these are generally at a total of 60 degrees.

The front one is at 8 degrees, and the back ones are t 52 degrees, which allows these to get the cutting with the grain capability.

Ripping Saw

Because of the unique design, these are mostly used for chiseling wooden workpieces. However, these do have a versatile characteristic, which will allow them to work just like a crosscut saw. But only the non-heavy-duty ones have the versatile characteristics that we are talking about.

Dovetail Saw

Other than the crosscut and ripping saws, there is another type of saw, which is called a dovetail saw. These are designed to handle both the softwoods and hardwood. And these are mainly opted out for the tasks that require the maximum amount of precision.

These are ideal for the tasks where you would have to make intricate small cuts on your workpiece.

Dovetail Saw

Alongside that, the cuts that these offer a clean and smooth, thanks to the type of blade that these have. The blades usually contain a higher level of TPI. Also, another plus point for these units is the cylindrical handle.

That handle is going to provide you a higher level of control, which is a necessity for making intricate and small cuts on the workpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be able to change the blade of my saw?

It depends. Most of the units will have a detachable mechanism that will allow you to detach the blade. And if you can find a blade with the same attaching mechanism, you will be able to replace it. However, if the blade is fixed to the handle, you will not be able to replace it.
Therefore, if you really seek this type of adjustability, then you can always go for a Grizzly table saw.

2. What does TPI actually refer to?

This term stands for teeth per inch. The higher the TPI rating, the higher number of teeth will be in one inch. Also, the ones with higher TPI are generally known for offering a clean-cut as there is a high number of teeth going through the grains.

3. Can I sharpen the blade of a hand saw?

Yes, it is possible to sharpen the blade of a hand saw. You will have to clamp it down in a vice. Make sure that the teeth side is facing upwards. Also, do ensure that the blade is closer to clamp grips. Then you will have to use a double-cut file to resharpen the teeth.

4. Can I change the handle of my hand saw?

It will depend on the type, and the model of the saw that you have. If it has a detachable blade, it would be easy for you to detach the blade from the unit and attach a new handle. However, if there is not detaching mechanism, you will not be able to change the handle of your saw.

5. Does the blade of the hand saw catch rust and corrosion?

Yes, just like any other metal, the blade of the saw is prone to catching rust and corrosion. However, you will be able to protect it from catching those by taking good care of it.

Also, most of the brands are going to utilize a certain kind of steel that has a high capability of resisting rust and corrosion. If you do not want to go through the hassles of the maintenance process, you should opt for those.

Final Words

A well-performing hand saw is a great addition to the garages and workshop, even if you have a small table saw or a versatile saw. You will be able to do most of the cutting tasks using them. And we hope that we could make it more manageable for you to choose one of the best hand saws for cutting wood.

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