The Best Grizzly Table Saw Review | Top 3 Picks

When it comes to woodworking projects, a quality table saw can make or break your project. And if you are someone that has been dipping their toes in the woodworking arena for a while, Grizzly is probably not a new word to you.

They have been in the game for decades and manufactured some of the best wood and metalworking tools. Moreover, you can get these tools at a reasonable price without compromising in quality.

Thus, we have assembled a list of the best options to help you find the best grizzly table saw for your project. 

3 Best Grizzly Saw Review

Depending on your needs, you can find an array of table saws from Grizzly. Here are some of the best tools that will suit a wide range of woodworkers.

1. Grizzly G0690 Table Saw

Grizzly G0690 Table Saw

First up, we have got a cabinet table saw with a riving knife. This particular tool is one of the most popular saws from this manufacturer, and the reason is quite apparent. You get a great size, excellent power, and capacity.

The first impressive side is the size. A cabinet saw is one of the powerful table saws that you can find. In this instance, this tool has a beastly 3 HP Leeson (220V) motor, which is suitable for heavy professional workloads.

In terms of the belt, it uses a triple V-belt system. This mechanism allows for an effective transfer of power and ensures that it achieves the highest possible efficiency. The cast-iron trunnion mechanism makes things even better. 

Moreover, the T-slot miter gauge provides improved support for sheet material when you are operating it. Now for another crucial bit – the arbor size and speed. The arbor is around 5/8-inch in size and can go up to 4300 RPM.

That number is quite impressive by any measure. Moreover, the maximum dado width is 12/16”, and the maximum rip capacity is 291/2”. And as you can guess, the table part is also quite crucial for a ‘table’ saw.

This product features a heavy-duty cast iron table and wings, making them even more suitable for heavier workloads. Moreover, the efficiency in changing the blades is essential. And the quick-release blade guard allows for that.

The table’s height from the floor is 34”, and the size with the extension is 27” x 40”, and it weighs approximately 530 pounds. You can tilt it for angled cuts too. If it is at 90-degrees, the maximum depth is 3-1/8”, and at 45-degrees, it is 2-3/16”. 


  • 3 Horse Power motor
  • Triple V-belt system
  • Impressive build quality and materials
  • Cast iron table and wings
  • Excellent dust collection system


  • Not very portable
  • Assembling it can take some time

2. Grizzly G0651 Table Saw

Grizzly G0651 Table Saw

We are back with another cabinet table saw, which is not very surprising. That is because whenever you are going for a big project that requires some heavy-duty equipment, cabinet styles are the best option for you.

Not only is it suitable for high-end professional workloads, but it also comes at a reasonable price when compared to other products of this tier. This L-shaped table saw is a fantastic deal from any aspect.

For instance, the motor is a three horsepower 220V single-phase one. Needless to say, it is quite powerful. Moreover, the rip capacity is around 52 inches here, which is more than enough for a standard sheet of wood.

You can also tilt the blade of this saw up to 45 degrees. When at 90 degrees, its maximum depth of cutting is 3-3/16” and 2-3/16” at 45 degrees. This ability allows for easy execution of trickier cuts, which is helpful.

In terms of the design, it is quite broad and shaped like an L. This product’s weight is a hefty 716 pounds, which means moving around with it will not be easy. And when it comes to the arbor size, it is 5/8” and goes up to 4000 RPM.

Moreover, an efficient dust hood and collection is paramount in saws of such caliber. Unsurprisingly, you get excellent performance in these terms. And the safety is further enhanced with the hinged motor cover.

The top is made with cast iron and is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Moreover, the extension table is remarkable too. You get a steel tubing frame, adjustable legs that make it stable while offering you an extended workspace for the project.


  • Excellent stability and efficiency
  • A left tilting blade with deep cuts
  • Adjustable riving knife
  • Extended real and side table
  • Assembling is comparatively simple


  • Weighs a hefty amount
  • Bit of a premium price point

3. Grizzly G1023RLWX Table Saw

Grizzly G1023RLWX Table Saw

For our final pick, we have an even powerful tool that will cut through everything like butter. But it does that in a compact size, meaning it will not eat up your precious workspace. It also makes the user experience a breeze.

It has a classic fence system that makes cutting adjustments a cakewalk. Moreover, it has a built-in router table. This feature makes this saw extremely convenient. And the universal T-track router clamping system is included.

This product weighs somewhere around 600 pounds, which is decent for a product that packs this much power. And how is the power? Well, its motor is 5 HP, 240V, and single-phase, which is remarkable.

And as expected from a tool as powerful as this, the speed of the arbor goes up to 4200 RPM, and its size is 5/8”. Moreover, as with the other premium saws, this one also has a left-tilting blade that can tilt up to 45 degrees.

Furthermore, it also features a riving knife, which prevents any kickbacks as it moves and tilts with blade adjustments. Therefore, this is a nifty feature to have. Dust collection is another vital part of any woodworking tool.

This saw captures around 99% of the dust and keeps the workplace safe and clean. It also features a quick-release blade guard for easier switching between blades. Now, let’s talk about the depth of the cuts.

When you are at a 90-degree angle, the depth is around 3 inches. And when you are at 45 degrees, it is approximately 2-1/8”. Moreover, the Poly-V Serpentine belt system allows for an efficient power transfer with comparatively less noise.


  • Uses a classic fence system
  • Four-inch dust port
  • Magnetic safety switch
  • Built-in router table
  • Poly-V Serpentine belt


  • Up-down crank could be smoother
  • Allows for comparatively less workspace

Features to Look for Before Buying

Investing in a table saw requires a decent amount of dough out of your wallet. And it is only natural that you would want the best performance for your hard-earned money. Below are a few things that you should know.

Grizzly Table Saw

Types of Table Saws

There are various types of saws out there. Here are some of the popular ones. Oh! we have exclulded the manual saws for cutting wood.

  • Portable Table Saws

The name is somewhat self-explanatory – you can move these saws around relatively quickly. These are compact, and storing them does not require a lot of space.

Portable Table Saws

The only issue is that they are not the ideal tools if you are someone that intends to do some heavy-duty professional work. Also, when it comes to portable jigsaws, those really lack in power.

  • Hybrid Table Saws

These saws do precisely what their name suggests. They are a combination of a few different types of saws. For example, it is possible to move around with them, but they might not have any wheels like the portable ones.

Hybrid Table Saws

They might be somewhat suitable for heavier workloads but do not go all the way. However, these multi-functional table saws are a pretty good solution if you want a little bit of everything.

  • Cabinet Table Saws

These are the tools that will provide you with the best performance among all the other saws. They are mighty, thanks to the heavy-duty motors and other tools used in them.

Moreover, these surprisingly accurate too. If you have a large workshop, then this is the way to go for you. But there is only one issue that you need to keep in mind when it comes to these tools.

Cabinet Table Saws

They are some of the heaviest table saws, meaning you cannot move around with them effortlessly (or at all). You need to set them in one space, which requires a large enough storage space too.

But if you can manage that, these are absolutely the best choice that you can make. Not only are these saws powerful, but they also require less effort to work with.

The Motors

As you can imagine, the motor is one of the essential elements of a table saw. The easiest way to know whether a motor is powerful or not is by referring to the horsepower.

Grizzly Table Saw

Smaller saws usually have motors with around 1.5 to 2 horsepower. On the other hand, something like a powerful cabinet saw will feature 3 to 5 horsepower, which can perform complicated tasks with ease. Therefore, choose a compact table saw if you've got a small shop or running a home business from your garage.

Dust Control

Dust control is an essential factor that you should keep an eye on. Manufacturers use various methods for this purpose. For instance, some of them have ports in the back, which sucks the dust with a vacuum.

Some of them might come with shrouds that stay over the blade. These redirect the dust, which is then collected above the saw instead of below it for the vacuum styled ones.

You can even find a mixture of both in some cases. Whatever it may be, make sure that your tool can capture the dust efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What horsepower should my saw have?

For light to medium-heavy workloads, a motor with around 1.5 to 2 horsepower should be enough. However, if your work requires a lot of power, try to buy a saw that has a motor with at least three horsepower.

2. Are dado blades okay to use with my table saw?

Generally, dado blades are completely fine to use with table saws. However, you should not buy a random third party blade and set it up with your tool. Only use the ones that are recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Why is my saw slowing down under light workloads?

A few issues can cause this. First, the extension cord might not provide it with enough power. Secondly, check if there is any residue slowing the motor down. Lastly, check if your motor is defective.

4. Will an extension cord slow down my table saw?

In short, no. If you have a cord that can handle the same amperage as your tool and is in good shape, everything should be okay. Oftentimes the manufacturers can give you an idea regarding what you need.

5. Which is the best table saw?

There is no definitive answer here, but there are a few essentials. A powerful motor, proper safety mechanism, ease of usage, and durable materials make a saw ideal for your tasks, so any saw that provides these works well.    

6. Is a riving knife necessary to have?

A riving knife acts as a crucial safety mechanism. It works somewhat similarly to a spreader on your blade guard. These knives essentially reduce the chances of kickbacks. Therefore, you should use them while making cuts when the blade guard is not applicable.  

Final Words

If you wanted the best grizzly table saw for your next project, now you have them. Choose the one that suits your budget, power requirements, and storage space. Always remember to wear proper safety gears, and then – cut away!

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