10 Best Furniture Waxes of 2022

Whether working with wood is your hobby or a profession, you are probably down to go to a great extent just to obtain the best looks on the surface of your project.

And even if you get the looks that you were shooting for, it would be pretty hard for you to make it retain those looks. Well, that is where the wax for furniture comes into play.

By getting one of the best furniture waxes, you can make sure that the structure's exterior retains the beauty and looks for a prolonged amount of time. It will also let you maintain the freshness of the furniture. Basically, with these applied on the surface, you can make them look new for an extended amount of time.

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10 Best Furniture Waxes Review

Not all of the waxes that you will stumble upon will enable you to keep the luster of the wooden structure for a long amount of time. To ensure that you do not end up getting one of them, we have chosen the ones that we believe will provide you that capability. They are as follows:

1. Minwax 785004444

Minwax 785004444

Only having the capability to polish the surface does not really make a wax worth getting. It should also have the ability to protect the surface. And this one from Minwax has both of them.

To start with, wax coating for wood leaves an elegantly looking polish on the surface. You will be able to make the surface shine by using this. And the best part is that it works with every wood that has a finished surface. That means you can use it on most wood types, whether it is hardwood or any other kind.

Other than that, the application process is pretty straightforward. You are not going to need any sort of special application tools for this. All you are going to need is a piece of clothing.

And it does not take that much time to dry up as well. After applying it evenly, it should take about 10 to 15 minutes, which is considerably short.

Alongside that, you are not going to have to struggle that much to clean it as well. Because of the unique formula that it utilizes, you can clean it up easily using paint thinner or mineral spirits. So, even if you apply it on the wrong amount or on the wrong surface, you will have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, it comes in a resealable container, making it easier for you to store it in your woodworking tool apron.


  • Polishes and protects the surface
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries within 15 minutes
  • Leaves an elegant looking luster
  • Comes in a resealable container


  • Does not work that well on white paint
  • It has a weird odor to it

2. Briwax Original

Briwax Original

While looking for one of the well-performing waxes for furniture, you might be looking for something that is capable of cleaning the surface. Well, in that case, you should consider this one.

Unlike some of the other units, this one has the capability to clean the surface. You would be able to bring back the luster that the surface once had by using this. That means if you were looking for something that can restore the looks of a wooden structure, then this is the one that you were probably looking for.

Apart from just cleaning and revitalizing, it has the ability to protect the exterior from oils and salts. It can prevent the damages that occur to the surface because of the fingerprint grease. As a result, the luster of the wooden structure is going to last for a prolonged amount of time after you apply this to it.

Other than that, the unit is exceptionally versatile. You can also use it to stain the woods. Because of the dark brown finish that it is capable of providing, you can bring back the life of weathered and aging wood using this.

It is also highly capable of diminishing the minor imperfections that occur to the surface. Most of the small scratches should become unnoticeable after you apply this.

Besides that, the container that it bundles with is resealable. It will have a reasonably high shelf life because of that.


  • Capable of cleaning the exterior
  • Can restore the looks of weathered surfaces
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Prevents oil and salt damages
  • Diminishes scratches


  • The dark brown finish might not go well with all the woods
  • A bit thick and heavy on the consistency

3. Howard Products FW0016

Howard Products FW0016

Beeswax and carnauba wax are two well-known natural waxes that hold the high capability to polish and furnish surfaces. And this one that Howard Products is offering contains both of them.

As we have mentioned above, it combines the power of two of the natural wax elements. For that reason, it can not only polish the surfaces but can also add a soft luster to them. In other words, it will be able to enhance the luster that the wooden structure might already have on them.

Aside from just enhancing the luster, it can enhance the depth of the grains. That will improve the woods' overall natural beauty, which will make your furniture look elegant and sleek.

It does a good job in preventing the drying of the finish that is already on the exterior. As a result, the luster will be long-lasting and will not fade off that easily.

Other than that, it will help you get the luster that you were probably trying to get on your newly finished furniture. The polishing that it does is something that hardly any other polishing agent can offer. This ability to polish the surface is what makes the unit exceptionally versatile.

Apart from that, it creates a protective layer on the surface that will protect it from moisture damages. For that reason, the wooden structure will be able to retain its beauty for a considerably long amount of time.


  • Adds a soft luster to the surface
  • Prevents fading and drying
  • Enhances the depth of the grains
  • Improves the natural beauty of the woods
  • It helps to retain the luster for a long amount of time


  • Can bleach some of the types of wood
  • Does not dry up that quickly

4. Katzco Repair Kit

Katzco Repair Kit

If you were on the lookout for something that will not only allow you to make the luster of the surface last for a long time but also capable of diminishing scratches, you should check out this kit that Katzco is offering.

First of all, the kit contains thirteen elements. Six of them are repair markers, and six of them are wax sticks. The wax markers are for adding the luster to the surfaces of a newly finished wooden structure. Those will enable you to get the looks that you were probably looking for in your newly finished project.

On the other hand, the repair markers that the kit includes will enable you to get rid of the imperfections that the surface might have. All you have to do is use the markers to draw over the scratches and watch them getting diminished right before your eyes.

It can also cover up nicks, scuffs, and other discoloration that might occur over time because of extensive use.

Other than that, there is a designated marker for each type of wood. The sticks are for furniture made of maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and black wood. And that goes for both the repair and waxing markers.

Because of being compatible with that amount of wood, this is one of the most versatile repairs and waxing kits that is available in the market. It even includes a sharpener.


  • Can repair imperfections
  • Capable of adding luster on the surface
  • Comes in a kit of 13Compatible with six types of wood
  • Includes a sharpener


  • Not ideal for large scale projects
  • Does not work that well on woods with lighter tones

5. STAPLES 211 Carnauba Paste

STAPLES 211 Carnauba Paste

Most of the wax that is out there will have some sort of color to them. However, if you were looking for something that is clear, you should look into what Staples has to offer here.

First of all, the main component of the formula is carnauba. This natural element is known for leaving a rich lustrous finish on the wooden furniture. And as it does not have any sort of chemicals to it, you will not have to worry about it damaging the exterior either.

Alongside that, it works on all types of wood. It will work perfectly on hardwood, oaks, cedar, other types. Also, it is capable of enhancing the depth of the grains. As a result, the wood's shade will come out more, which will allow the surface to be more elegant.

The container that it comes in is also resealable. For that reason, storing it after using a bit will not be that much of a hassle for you.

Also, the total amount that you are going to get will be one pound, which is more than enough to carry out a large waxing project. You will be able to make the surface of multiple wooden structures using just one container.

Other than that, the application process is reasonably hassle-free. You will not have to purchase any other special application tools for coating the surface using this. A simple piece of cloth will do just fine.


  • The formula is clear in color
  • Utilizes natural carnauba
  • Leaves a rich lustrous finish
  • Comes in a one-pound container
  • The container is easy to store


  • Might make some of the woods achieve a milky white color on the surface
  • It does not work that well on delicate woods

6. Howard CS0014

Howard CS0014

The manufacturer Howard seems to have an extensive lineup of well-performing wax to offer to the market. And this one that we are going to introduce to you is not an exception in that regard.

To begin with, it utilizes a citrus shield as the primary ingredient for the formula. That ingredient has the power of orange oil, which is known to create a protective coating on wooden structures.

Also, it combines carnauba oil that will make that protective layer durable and long-lasting. As a result, the outer surface will be able to prevent scratches and other blemishes.

Other than that, it has the capability of adding a shine to the surface, which will also last for a long time. The neutral nature of the formula will make sure that it does not discolor the surface when you are applying to it.

Moreover, the carnauba oil that it contains will enable it to repel water. It will create a barrier on the top that will be able to resist water exceptionally well. For that reason, worrying about water damages on your project would be something that you would not have to do after you apply this.

It will also not react to any of the other coatings that you might have already applied to the surface. That means you can also use it as a final finish.


  • Combines the power of natural citrus oil and carnauba
  • Creates a protective layer on the top
  • Can repel water
  • The formula is neutral
  • Provides a long-lasting shine to the surface


  • The shelf life of the container is not that praiseworthy
  • Some of the containers tend to leak

7. CLARK'S Cutting Board Finish

CLARK'S Cutting Board Finish

Do you want to add fragrance to your wooden structure alongside just adding shine to them? Then look no more because CLARKS has got the right thing for you!

Unlike some of the other waxes, this one induces natural fragrances to the formula. You will have two options in that regard. One has an orange and lemon scent, and the other has a rosemary and lavender scent. Those will infuse natural scents into your furniture, making them more inviting and more comfortable to sit and use.

Aside from that, it uses natural ingredients to make the surface shine and obtain a lustrous look. The primary components are carnauba and beeswax, which are known for enhancing the shine of the woods. These will also add depth to the grains, making the structures look more elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Other than that, the formula also contains other mineral oils. Those will add a protective layer on the top, which will repel water. As a result, the surface will be more resilient to water damage.

Moreover, that protective layer can prevent scratches and scuffs. The sheen of the surface will stay for an extended amount of time because of that.

Alongside that, the application process is considerably straightforward. All you have to do is rub the wax to the surface and rub it off using a simple piece of cloth. You will not have to get anything extra for the process.


  • Infuses natural fragnences
  • Contains powerful carnauba and beeswax
  • Capable of creating a protective layer on the top
  • The application process is straightforward
  • Can repel water and prevent scratches


  • The shine factor does not last that long
  • Comes in a small quantity

8. Retique ItPolish

Retique ItPolish

Even though most of the waxes that are out there are capable of offering a good amount of sheen to the exterior, many will discolor the surface. Well, that will not be the case if you apply this one.

First of all, the wax is pretty easy to apply to the surfaces. All you are going to require is just a simple piece of cotton cloth. There would be no need to get any sort of special tools for applying this one to the surface. Also, as it comes in a resealable container, storing it will be pretty easy as well.

Other than that, the formula that it utilizes has a special ability to enhance the chalk paints. That means if your furniture has that, it will be able to increase the overall vibrancy of the color and make it look appealing. It can also create a waterproof layer on the top, thanks to the oil ingredients that it has.

The formula also has the ability to add depth to the grains. As a result, the exterior is going to look more elegant. It can also revive the original paint that has been faded because of extensive use.

Also, the protective layer that it creates can prevent scratches and scuffs. That means the surface will be free from blemishes after you apply this. And, the total quantity that you are going to get will be 13.5 oz.


  • The formula is clear in color
  • Adds depth to the grains
  • Enhances the color coating
  • Creates a waterproof layer on the top
  • Improves the overall look of the furniture


  • The quantity is not enough for large scale projects
  • It has a toxic smell to it

9. Daddy Van's All Natural

Daddy Van's All Natural

Are you on the search for a wax that is not only capable of adding a sheen to the exterior but can also increase the overall beauty of both finished and unfinished furniture? Then you should definitely put this one on your consideration list.

To start with, it is completely free of toxic and chemical ingredients. The formula is full of ingredients that are from nature. Thus, it will not have any weird or toxic smell to it, which is not that common with the other ones out there. It will also not react to any of the other coatings that might be on the surface.

Instead of adding a toxic smell to the surface, it will add fragrance to it. It contains natural orange oil. That oil is infused with lavender, which will make your furniture smell good.

The oil also contains beeswax that will enable it to create a protective layer on the top, which will protect the exterior from scuffs and scratches.

Other than that, the protective layer can offer protection from moisture and water damages. That means you will be able to enhance the lifespan of outdoor furniture by applying this. It can also add depth to the grains, which will make both the finished and unfinished wood look elegant.

Lastly, it comes in a container of six ounces, which should be enough for your project, even if it is reasonably large in comparison.


  • It brings out the natural beauty of the grains
  • Works on both finished and unfinished furniture
  • The formula contains natural ingredients
  • Adds sweet natural smell to the surface
  • Offers protection from moisture and water


  • The shelf life is reasonably short
  • Not that easy to rub evenly on surfaces

 10. Dover's WaxClear

Dover's WaxClear

The furniture that you are planning to polish might have chalk paint. And not all of the waxes are compatible with such kind of paint. However, this one from Dover's is.

First of all, it is compatible with almost all of the chalk paints that are out there. So no matter what type the surface of the furniture you plan to polish has, you will have no trouble applying it.

Also, it bundles with a brush, which will make it easier for you to apply it on the surfaces. That brush ensures even coating, which will make it easier for you to get optimal results.

Aside from that, the ingredients that it utilizes are natural. The formula utilizes a blend of carnauba, beeswax, and walnut oil. As there is no VOC or any sort of other chemicals, the amount of odor of the formulation is reasonably low. And the odor will not even stick that long. It will fade pretty quickly.

The formula is also clear in color, just like the best clear coats for kitchen cabinets. For that reason, it will not mess with the color coating that is already on the surface. Instead, it will increase the vibrancy, which will eventually make the color come out more. It can also create a protective layer on the top, which will protect the furniture from scuffs and scratches.

Alongside that, it can add an elegant sheen to the surface. That sheen will make your furniture look exquisite.


  • It does not contain any VOC
  • The odor is pretty low
  • Combines beeswax, carnauba, and walnut oil
  • The formulation is clear in color
  • Adds a protective layer on the surface


  • The shine does not last that long
  • It tends to collect fingerprints pretty quickly

Before You Buy What to Look for

If you really want to get the most optimal result on the furniture that you have spent hours putting together, then there are some factors that you would have to keep in mind. By keeping those in mind, you would be able to get the right wax that will enable you to get the finish you were looking for. They are:


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is how much do you actually require. For that, you have to calculate the scale of the project beforehand and get something that contains the appropriate amount of wax for finishing the surface.

However, if you are going for something that has more than what you are going to probably require, make sure that the container is resealable.

If the container is not reusable, you will not be able to store it properly after using it, which will eventually make the capability of the wax degrade. Also, do factor in the shelf-life of the container in this case.


Most of the brands are going to utilize natural ingredients for the formulation.

However, there are a few that will implement VOC ingredients. Depending on the type of wood you are working with, you have to consider how much VOC the formula contains; too much VOC might damage some of the softwoods.

Nevertheless, we would recommend shooting for the ones that have an all-natural formula. Most of them are only easy to work with, but there would also be no risk of damaging the wood's surface.

Application Process

Apart from the formula, you have to factor in the application process. Not all of the waxes are easy to work with. And if you happen to get one that is like that, you are going to have a tough time trying to get the result you were shooting for.

Application Process

For that reason, we would recommend shooting for the ones that have a hassle-free application process.

Also, the ones that do have a hassle-free application process will not require any sort of special tools. You can rub them on the surface just by using a sheet of cloth or a simple brush.


Apart from just offering a sheen to the surface, these waxes' other function is to protect it. Considering that, we would recommend the ones that offer protection from moisture and water. That would not only be ideal for the furniture that remains in the outdoors but also indoors.

Aside from that, make sure that it can create a protective layer on the top, preventing scratches and scuffs. That will ensure that the surface does not catch blemishes that easily.

Beeswax vs. Carnauba Wax

Two of the primary ingredients of these are beeswax and carnauba wax. Both of them are natural. While some will have only one of them, many might combine the power of both.

First of all, just like the name suggests, beeswax is from beehives or honeycomb. They are generally yellow. However, there are some variants that will be white in color. They are softer and can easily blend with other ingredients.

On the other hand, carnauba wax is generally from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree. They are a bit hard and not easy to blend with other components. However, when they are mixed with other ingredients, the overall mixture does become comparatively soft.

Wood Wax vs. Oil

Even though most of the waxes will contain different sorts of oil in the formula, there is a separate polishing agent that is mainly made of oil.

The ones that mainly contain oil have a higher capability to penetrate the pores of the wood. It will not stay on the surface, which will make the wood obtain a richer look. These are ideal for the scenarios where the exterior shine is not that important.

On the other hand, waxes can not penetrate the surface easily. They do seep into the pores a bit, which enhances the depth of the grains, but they will generally sit on the top. As a result, there would be a shiny look on the exterior.

How to Use Wood Wax Products in the Best Possible Way?

How to Use Wood Wax

Now that you know about the well-performing waxes that the manufacturers are offering in the market, you would also want to know about the best possible way to use them, right? Well, it is as follows:

Step-1: Thoroughly Clean the Surface

Before you do plan to apply these on the surface, you will have to clean the surface. Rubbing these with dust and debris will not let you get the shine the wax can offer. For that reason, you need to make sure that the exterior is free from dust and debris.

Step-2: Get Yourself a Clean Cloth

For most of the waxes, you are not going to need any sort of special application tools. Instead of those, you will need a piece of cloth. Do make sure that the cloth is clean and does not have any sort of dust and debris on the top.

Step 3: Apply the Wax on the Surface

After getting yourself a piece of clean cloth, pour some of the wax on the cloth and start rubbing it on the surface. Start from one spot and rub it by using a circular motion. Add as much as you need and cover each of the spots. Do make sure to clean up any surplus, or else it will take a reasonably long amount of time to settle.

Step 4: Let It Settle

Once you are finished applying the wax, you will have to let the wax settle. If you notice that the luster is fading off during the settlement period, you will have to coat the surface again.

How to Well Maintain a Wood Wax Finish?

How to Well Maintain a Wood Wax Finish

If you want the wax's luster to last for a long period of time, you will have to take proper care of it. And these are the things that you have to do to maintain it properly:

Keep the Surface Clean

Make sure that the dust and debris do not accumulate on the surface. Dust and debris do not go well with wax. They can make it lose its shine factor reasonably quickly. For that reason, we would recommend cleaning the surface with a soft feather brush.

Also, do make sure that you do not use any rough cleaning cloth, or else the wax is going to come right off.


The luster will come off after prolonged use. And if you want to keep the luster for a long amount of time, we would recommend re-coating it from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I use to apply the wax?

It is always recommended to use a soft clean cloth to apply the wax to the furniture's surface. However, you can use a soft brush if you prefer.

2. Does wax protect wood?

Yes, most of the waxes are capable of creating a protective layer on the top. That layer will protect the wood from moisture and water damages. It will also prevent scratches and scuffs.

3. Is beeswax safe for wooden furniture?

Beeswax is naturally sourced wax, which is from beehives. It is safe for both humans and wood.

4. Will the wax change the color of the surface?

Most of the waxes are going to be transparent in color. Those will not interfere with the exterior color. However, some tend to be yellowish, which can put a yellow tint on the exterior.

5. Can I put oil over wax?

No, it is not recommended to oil over wax. If you want to oil the furniture, you should first remove the wax using natural or mineral spirits.

Final Words

Hopefully, after going through the entire article, it is now easier for you to get one of the best furniture waxes for your projects. We hope that the one you decide to purchase offers you a long-lasting sheen and protects the surface from damages. Now, if you're looking for a bar top epoxy resin, view this page.

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