5 Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs in 2022

Want luxurious and elegant looking furniture but do not want to break your bank in getting one of those from the furniture store?

Well, you do not really have to spend that much money if you want to get yourself on furniture that will look like a piece of art. All you need is some DIY skills, some slabs of wood, and one of the best epoxy for wood slabs.

Yes, epoxy can make high-gloss coatings on everything. With one of the right ones, you can make yourself the expensive river tables that most are getting nowadays. But you will have to spend a fraction of the price you would have to pay to get one of them from the stores.

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5 Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs

For turning your wood piece into something colorful, elegant, and most importantly, a brilliant piece of art, you would require the best the market has to offer.

To make sure that you do end up purchasing one of them, we have compiled a list of the high-quality ones that the manufacturers are offering at the moment. They are:

1. Pro Marine Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy

Pro Marine Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy

If you are looking forward to making one of the most eye-catching wooden structure with epoxy, you should get the one that does not skimp one bit in quality. And this one from Pro Marine would be a decent pick in that regard.

To begin with, it implements a 100 percent safe formula. The formula is  FDA-complaint, which means it will be perfect for making tabletops or structures that will contact food. Also, it makes the unit safe for indoor and outdoor use. You can even make beautiful glassware using this without worrying one bit about safety.

Apart from being safe, the application process of the unit is reasonably straightforward. All you have to do is mix a 1:1 mixture of the unit with a hardener solution. It will not require any sort of additional ingredients, nor will you have to worry about intricate measurements when you are working with it.

Other than that, the formula is capable of offering a high gloss finish that will surely make your workpiece look like a piece of art. Also, the finish that it is capable of offering will be durable. It will be highly resistant to water damages and scratches. Thus, you can enlist this champ as one of the best wood kitchen table finishes.

Furthermore, the outlooks that you are going to get will not fade off that quickly. Lastly, it takes about 12 to 14 hours to dry. And to fully cure, it will take about three days.


  • Implements an FDA-complaint formula
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require that much of additional ingredients
  • Formula does not have any harmful chemicals
  • Capable of providing scratch-resistant finish


  • Take 72 hours to cure
  • Working time is reasonably short

2. MAS Crystal Clear

MAS Crystal Clear

If you are fairly new to working with epoxy, you probably do not have all the required materials. Well, in that case, this kit that MAS offering can be a cost-effective all-in-one solution for you.

First of all, the kit contains all the things you are going to require for carrying out epoxy projects. Alongside the resin and the hardener, you will find a spreader and a brush, essential for these projects. That means you will not have to purchase anything extra if you get this kit.

Other than just including everything, the quality of the resin you are going to get in this kit will surely amaze you. The formula is ultra-clear, making it easier for you to introduce color to the projects. And because of being that clear, it can keep the vibrancy of the colors, which will make your projects look fancy and beautiful.

Apart from that, the application process of this one is also simple and straightforward. You will have to mix a 1:1 mixture with the resin and the hardener that you will receive. That means you will not have to get yourself an intricate measurement scale to work with this.

Besides that, the finish that you are going to get after your mixtures cures completely will be exceptionally durable. Because of the self-leveling characteristic that it has, the surface will be even. And if the slabs already boast the top-quality varnish for wood, it's all the better.


  • Includes spreader and a brush
  • Application process is easy
  • Utilizes an ultra-clear formula
  • Provides a highly durable finish
  • Mixture levels itself


  • Not ideal for large-sized projects
  • A bit hard to remove the microbubbles from the mixture

3. EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 12 Liter

EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic 12 Liter

Not all of the resins that you are going to find in the market will be ideal for large-scale epoxy projects. However, this one that is from EcoPoxy is.

To start with, the formula that it implements is 100 percent solids. Because of that, the working time that it will provide you will be higher than what most of the other ones have to offer. And that longer gel time is what makes this ideal for both small and large-scale projects.

Alongside that, the formula has a reasonably low exothermic buildup. That will make it easier for you to put multiple layers of this on top of your wooden structures. And the formula is crystal clear, leaving you the opportunity to play with colors to make your workpiece look beautiful and elegant.

Other than that, it will leave enough time to make the entrapped air bubbles to escape because of the low exothermic buildup. As a result, you will not have to work that much to make the end results bubble-free.

It also eliminates the possibility of craters occurring. Also, the formula is toxin-free, which will enable you to make tabletops. Thus, this will go perfectly for your tabletop projects involving the best oil for wood.

Besides that, the formula has a reasonably low amount of VOC. That low VOC amount keeps the odor low. So you will not have to keep the finished product outside just to get rid of the smell.


  • Non-toxic formula
  • Low exothermic buildup
  • Offers enough working time for large-scale projects
  • Contains a low amount of VOC
  • Reasonably low odor


  • Requires 2:1 mixture
  • Application process is not that easy

4. Incredible Table Top & Bar Top Resin

Incredible Table Top & Bar Top Resin

Are you looking for something that has a zero VOC in the formula? Want something that has a low amount of odor? Then what you are probably looking for is this unit that Incredible is offering.

First of all, the formula is crystal clear. It does not have the yellow tint that most of the average units tend to have. For that reason, it will be easier for you to induce colors in it. Also, the clear nature of it makes it ideal for projects where you want to retain the natural colors of the woods.

Other than that, the formula does not contain any VOC at all. Because of that, this is one of the safest resins that you are going to find in the market. The amount of odor is reasonably minimal as well. You will not have to deal with any pesky smell after it cures completely.

Aside from the formula, the resin is high in quality. After curing completely, it can offer you a high-gloss finish that will be reasonably resistant to impacts. The coating will be fairly resistant to scratches and scuffs as well. That means it will last for an extended amount of time without showing imperfections on the top.

Alongside that, the coating will be resistant to UV lights as well. For that reason, you will not have to worry about it turning yellow over time.


  • Formula is crystal clear
  • Does not contain any VOC
  • Has a low amount of odor
  • Resistant to blemishes
  • Can resist UV rays


  • Self-leveling capability is not that praiseworthy
  • Hard to eliminate the bubbles that occur during the pouring

5. WiseBond DEEP Pour Resin

WiseBond DEEP Pour Resin

Most of the average-grade resins that are out there will turn yellow over time. But that is not the case with this one that is being offered by WiseBond.

First of all, the unit features a special formula for deep pouring. That makes it ideal for the river tables, art casting, and live edges slabs. You will be able to easily work with those for the formula that it sports. And it comes in a total of a 1.5-gallon solution, which is to be mixed at a 2:1 mix ratio.

Alongside that, the formula can resist UV rays exceptionally well. Because of having that capability, it will not turn yellow like the other average quality resins out there.

It will stay clear for a prolonged amount of time. The formula is super clear, which will make it easier for you to work with mica powders and color pigments.

Other than that, the formula contains 100 percent solids and none of the VOC that most of the unit includes. That zero VOC percentage makes it one of the safest resins. You will be able to work with it to make beautiful art pieces without worrying about a thing. It cures relatively fast as well.

Also, the amount of odor that it will produce will be relatively low. And the odor that it will make will fade away reasonably fast.


  • Can resist UV rays exceptionally well
  • Formula is super clear
  • Contains 0 VOC
  • Low amount odor
  • Curing time is reasonably fast


  • Viscosity of the formula is comparatively thin
  • Does not level that quickly

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you want to get your hands on one of the high-quality resins and do not want to end up making a wrong purchase decision, you need to keep some crucial points in mind. By keeping them in mind, you will be sure to get one of the well-performing and high tier resin. The factors that we are talking about are as follows:

Working Time 

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when purchasing one of these is the working time it will provide. It will highly depend on the time it requires for the exothermic buildup.

The lower the exothermic rate, the higher the working time you are going to get. If you are planning to work with projects that are large in scale, you should opt for the ones that offer a considerably high amount of working time.

Epoxy for Wood Slabs

On the other hand, if your project is comparatively small and doesn't require the use of the best woodworking chisels for chiseling that much, getting one that offers a moderate amount of time should be okay. Alongside that, the working time will also dictate how easy it will be for you to remove the bubbles that are going to form during the pouring process.

The higher the working time, the easier it will be for you to remove the bubbles from the mixture. Also, you already know that this sort of projects doesn't really produce much wood dusts and that's why you rarely have to employ your best shop vacs for woodworking

Curing Time

The curing time is another thing that you should prioritize when you are in the market for these. For the larger projects, you might want to opt for the ones that have a shorter curing time.

That will come in handy when making multiple colored layers on top of your project. However, if your project is small in scale, you can opt for the ones that take a moderate amount of time to cure.

VOC Amount

For the resins, the VOC amount is what is going to dictate how safe they are. The lower the amount of VOC, the safer they are going to be. And the ones that have zero VOC are basically toxin-free. Those are the ones that you should get if you are making a tabletop or other surfaces that will come in contact with food.

UV Resisting Capability

Last but not least, you need to consider whether the one that you are shooting for can resist UV rays or not. If you happen to get one that is not capable of resisting UV rays, no matter how clear it is at the beginning, it will turn yellow over time.

Epoxy for Wood Slabs

And you would not want your beautiful piece of art to have a tint of yellowness to it, would you? For that reason, you should opt for the ones that can resist UV rays.

What Kind of Resin Do You Use for Slabs?

There are a total of twelve kinds of resins out in the market. Each of them has a purpose. While one is used for insulin and pipes, some would be used for making electronic components. And the ones that are used for the wood slabs are epoxy.

The epoxy resin can create a high gloss coating on the surface that is perfect for making tabletops and bar counters. Aside from that, they are used for making different furniture and wooden structures as well. You can even use them to make crafty arts or showpieces.

One of the main factors that separate these from the rest of the kinds that are out there is the formula. These tend to have a low amount of VOC. Many of them might have no VOC at all. Nevertheless, all of them are FDA-compliant, which makes them perfect for making structures that are going to come in contact with edible stuff.

Other than that, epoxy tends to settle relatively easily on woods. Even though the other types will settle on wood, these tend to settle on it quickly. You will not have to add any other ingredients to make them stay on top of wooden slabs. Also, there absolutely no need to make use of the best countersink bit for wood and metal to affix them to the wood. 

How to Apply Epoxy Resin Finish on Slabs?

There is a high chance that you are not at all familiar with working with resin and wood slabs. Well, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a step-by-step guide for you. It goes something like this:

Epoxy for Wood Slabs

Step-1: Measure and Mix

First of all, you will have to measure the resin and the hardener. Most would require a 1;1 mix, but many might require a 2:1 mix. To get the best possible result, you should follow the ratio that the manufacturer suggests. Measure the solutions accordingly and prepare the mix.

Step-2: Seal the Wood

Start from one end of the slab start coating. Progress to the other end by following a zigzag pattern. After that, you will need a spreader and a brush to get an even coat.

Step-3: Flood the Coat

Now that the seal coat has cured a bit, you need to pour the mixture you made on top of the slab. If you are doing multiple coatings, make sure you let the previous coat cure a bit.

Step-4: Remove the Bubbles

After pouring the flood coat, you need to remove any bubbles that might have formed. Use a propane torch to get the best possible result. And after removing the bubbles, you need to wait for about three days to let the coatings fully cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much epoxy resin would I need for a project?

That will depend on the scale of the project that you are planning to carry out. If your project is reasonably moderate in size or small, you should be okay with the kits that most brands are offering in the market. However, if your project is reasonably large in size, you might need to purchase two or more kits.

2. Can I use epoxy resin to seal woods?

Yes, resins, in general, can seal the surface of the wood. Alongside just sealing the surface, you can use these to waterproof the wood. These can also prevent scratches and blemishes that occur on delicate woods over time. Thus, you don't need to apply the best exterior paints for wood to all of your outdoor project.

3. What should be the ratio of the mix?

As we have mentioned earlier, the ratio of the mix will vary from one to another. While one might require a 2:1 mix, some will need a 1:1 mix. So before you start mixing, you need to check the instructions that the manufacturers provide.

4. How long does epoxy resins take to cure?

The curing time will highly depend on the formula. There are many that will take about 18 to 24 hours, while some will take about three days. Nevertheless, it is always good to give the resin some time to properly cure, no matter how short the curing time is.

5. Are casting resin and epoxy resin the same?

No, casting and epoxy resins are not the same. There are multiple differences between them. Epoxy has a comparatively high exothermic rate than the casting one. As a result, they will turn hard reasonably fast. Alongside that, epoxy takes comparatively less amount of time to cure too.

Final Words

We hope that we could make it easier for you to get one of the best epoxy for wood slabs for your projects. Hopefully, the one that you decide to purchase is easy to work with and offers you a beautiful glossy look to your projects.

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