8 Best Epoxy for River Table Reviews

Who here is not familiar with the popular videos of river tables circulating on the internet? In fact, it brings quite a pleasure and satisfaction to watch woodworkers pour epoxy resin for a uniform and shiny surface.

Much like the exceptional river tables, epoxy resin not only adds to the decorative aspect. But it also ushers significant strength and durability to your one-of-a-kind furniture. As a woodcraft enthusiast, it is of great importance for you to acquire the best epoxy for river table.

After all, to obtain a flawlessly complete wooden art piece, the furniture’s finishing is primarily the most significant detail. However, it is worth noting that in the case of a river table, both the application technique and type of epoxy is considerably different compared to ordinary furniture.

8 Best Epoxy for River Table Reviews

Have you ever invested in a product that came with a disastrous outcome? Well, you are not the only one. It is rather apparent to get frustrated while selecting from the range of options. Given that, numerous brands manufacture epoxy resins.

Let’s cut to the chase; this article allows you to find your desired epoxy for river tables conveniently.

1. 3 Gallon DEEP Pourable Plastic Casting Resin

3 Gallon DEEP Pourable Plastic Casting Resin

No one can stop a standard resin from providing the service required. However, using the epoxy efficiently and according to its limitations and deficiency is the only way to achieve unique finishing.  As it happens, the product in question features a deep-pour approach that allows slow curing.

Subsequently, the feature also gives you the ability to decant a thick coating of epoxy at once. As a matter of fact, the accurate estimation of the layer is 2-inch. If you plan to make a river table and want to add vibrant colors to make the art piece more attractive, this product permits you to do so.

Whatever your favorite color is, be it red or blue, this resin supports the mixture of coloring agents. Also, the epoxy resin blends well with powdered pigments without hampering the furniture surface’s glossy finish. Moreover, this particular product inhibits premature curing by incorporating low exothermic liquid.

In case you are casting on a moderately large project, this product’s low exothermic system delivers minimal heat buildup. As it turns out, this eliminates the possibility of increased stress and shrinkage. If anything, the incorporation of a UV stabilizer prevents yellowing, cracking, and chalking.

On the other hand, the low viscosity criterion included in the epoxy composition works as a wetting agent, which leaves no porosity behind. The inclusion of three containers, one for curing agents and the others for resin, provides proper coverage to your project.


  • 2-inch thick layer in each pour
  • Mixes well with powdered mica pigments
  • Low exothermic epoxies
  • Reduced viscosity
  • UV inhibitor resists yellowing 


  • Composition fizzes and bubbles
  • Takes extremely long to cure

2. WiseBond DEEP Pour Epoxy

WiseBond DEEP Pour Epoxy

Did you have the misfortune of using a regular epoxy on your river table? Undoubtedly, the outcome was the opposite of satisfying. As for this product, the introduction of a unique formula that settles exceptionally well on your wooden structure must bode well with you.

In particular, this product assures you a 2-inch comprehensive coverage each time you pour the resin on your wooden surface. This epoxy resin supports absolute luscious and sleek completion regarding river tables and large-scale casting through its deep-pour method.

Consequently, the constituents present in the container are chiefly of opaque or transparent consistency. However, if you want to add coloring pigments into the resin for a much more appealing outlook, then you have the liberty to do so. In fact, you can add both powdered pigments and liquid coloring into the epoxy.

Most of you hoard a fear of ruining your woodwork, and the most prominent among all the concern is the yellowing of furniture. Such a phenomenon is hard to avoid, but this specific product encompasses UV inhibitors that reduce the yellowing probability.

Similarly, the rapid curing epoxy has zero chances of evaporation. Additionally, the formula guarantees the exclusion of volatile organic compounds. Instead of giving off a funky stench of resin, this product releases an odor-less smell. The two-container kit allows for the proper utilization of epoxy resin.


  • Supports the addition of colored pigments
  • Do not contain water for evaporation
  • Includes UV stabilizer
  • Does not consist of volatile organic compound
  • Free of odor


  • Takes too much time to settle
  • Little on the expensive side

3. Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin

Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin

Are you a proficient craftsman looking for an exemplary epoxy resin that accentuates your artwork? Do not fret, as this specific product brings forth incomparable glaze to all your projects. This epoxy has you covered with the added benefit of resistance to fisheye and pinholes from tabletops to sculptures. Plus, this one is considered as the best bar top epoxy resin by many experts.

Blushing is a significant problem with low-grade epoxies; however, this product introduces high-quality formula to tackle such issues. Primarily, this formula inhibits the entrance of moisture through the condensation process. And such phenomena can occur while the resin is curing.

Apart from ensuring a special glossy effect, the epoxy resin demonstrates the utmost durability and strength. Most of you dwell within the thought of the long-lasting ability of the epoxy. But with this product, you will get a scratch and moisture-resistant coating that protects from damage.

Are you tired of applying epoxy to perfection? It is evident that pouring the epoxy and settling it across the surface can get tedious. Therefore, this formula incorporates elements that allow for self-leveling.

This feature means that this 2-gallon epoxy will spread-out and distribute itself all over your designated workpiece.

In fact, this feature allows you to coat the surface of the concrete floor with ease. The exceptional composition of the resin eliminates the possibility of bubbling. Subsequently, the remarkable formula puts an end to crawling or contamination after application.


  • Exhibits resistance to blushing
  • Consists of a self-leveling formula
  • Protects from bubbling, crawling and pinholes
  • Ensures water and scratch resistance
  • Superior glossy finishing


  • Does not contain exactly 2-gallons
  • May harden too quickly

4. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin One Gallon Kit

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin One Gallon Kit

Have you been recently learning to work with wood? In that case, it is tough to understand the application process of epoxy resin. However, the importance based on the structural strength and resilience of resin mandates you to use it. And for user-friendly execution, this product includes a guide for you.

What’s more, regarding the convenience aspect, you ask. In the first place, the epoxy resin comes up with a composition that prevents you from wasting time on manually spreading the liquid. As it happens, the formula allows for spontaneous spread-out of the epoxy across the countertop or river table you are working on.

Another feature that stands out the most among all the options is the inclusion of additional tools. This attribute further ensures considerable convenience for the user. The included 4-inch spreader and 4-inch brush significantly help in the application procedure.

Aside from that, the flood coat method gives you the liberty to pour a 1/8-inch thick layer of epoxy, which then self-levels. If you wonder whether you can make the coating thicker, do not worry, you can apply more through a step-by-step method.

The epoxy settles in with a glassy effect, which also inhibits the formation of bubbles, craters, and fisheyes. Moreover, the resin guarantees a contaminant-free, seamless end-result that ensures top-grade gloss at all costs. It mainly includes one gallon of epoxy resin and one gallon of hardener.


  • Formula self-levels to 1/8-inch thickness
  • Features a spreader and a brush
  • Super shiny and glossy finishing
  • Ensures increased durability
  • Includes a user-friendly guidebook 


  • Cures too rapidly
  • Does not correctly seep in small areas

5. TotalBoat - TB-9335 Epoxy Resin

TotalBoat - TB-9335 Epoxy Resin

Wood crafting is a talent, and furniture is a piece of art. This epoxy resin delivers a seamless and smooth finish to countertops, tabletops, and river tables to gain maximum merit. Above all, the wooden item’s surface highlights the glossy glow that comes with the appliance of this resin.

On the other hand, the kit consists of one gallon of epoxy and hardener. That means you will have half-a-gallon of each formula for flawless execution. Instead of integrating industrial chemicals or volatile organic compounds, this formula incorporates more environmentally friendly constituents.

Despite inherently having a translucent and transparent epoxy composition, you may want to add a tint for a much more captivating exterior on your artwork or concrete floor. Hence, this product authorizes you to mix the components with mica-powdered pigments.

Who does not want to avoid discoloration, scratches, and smudges? In truth, many expensive products also fall prey to such mishaps. So for that, this epoxy produces a formula that not only protects your tables from damages, including stains and marks, but it also maintains resistance from blushing.

Most significantly, the epoxy guarantees 100% moisture-proof functionality. Consequently, another major factor in proper curing is the heat resistance property of epoxy, which focuses on this product’s formula. Besides, the self-leveling system conveniently ensures a notable cut down on work stress.


  • Can use it on many surfaces and floors
  • Guarantees 100% waterproof execution
  • Maintains environmental safety
  • Allows you add a tint for appeal
  • Blush-resistant


  • Susceptible to scratches
  • Prone to bubble formation

6. Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Are you interested in encapsulating an object or creating intricate jewelry? Along with providing an optimal coating to river tables, this product, in particular, also supplies coverage for your artwork. In simple terms, this epoxy resin cures into a translucent surface that is impenetrable with a smooth and glass-like texture.

If you are casting or overlaying the epoxy on subjects that require tint or addition of color for glamorizing purposes, this is your ideal choice. Because besides color pigment input, you can provide luminosity to your projects through the inclusion of glow in the dark pigments.

Yellowing of epoxy resin is a crucial complication. And to avoid such issues, this product showcases resistance from turning yellow when exposed to UV light. On the other hand, the manufacturer exempts from including harmful VOCs for the user’s overall safety.

Subsequently, the BPA-free formula authorizes you to apply the resin to surfaces that are susceptible to get in contact with food. Interestingly, the curing process takes only 40 minutes to harden, which can work at your convenience. The flameproof resin settles well within your project. 

If anything, the odor associated with the epoxy application is downright horrible. However, this product makes sure you have an odor-free working time. Additionally, to prevent the emergence of bubbles, the epoxy degasses itself. And the self-leveling feature of the composition ensures user-friendliness.


  • Includes self-degassing properties
  • Allows the addition of glow in the dark pigments
  • Resists the epoxy from turning yellow
  • Takes only 40 minutes to cure
  • Does not contain VOCs or BPA


  • Results in a hazy finish
  • Tend to get bubbles

7. EPOXY Resin Crystal Clear 2 Gallon Kit

EPOXY Resin Crystal Clear 2 Gallon Kit

The durability aspect of an epoxy resin is the most crucial detail regarding the ability to last long. In fact, there is no point in opting for a resin coating that is prone to heavy damage. Due to this phenomenon, the product in question offers resistance to both water and sun exposure.

Too much sun exposure can result in yellowing while retaining water in the epoxy structure can increase the curing process rate. Thereupon, both of the features increase the product’s ability to sustain any damage that leaves scratches or marks.

Predominantly, most of the market’s inexpensive options are vulnerable to the predicament, such as fisheyes, pinholes, bubbling, crawling, and many more. However, this premium epoxy resin ensures top-of-the-line ultra-gloss and shiny spread out of the formula on various surfaces, including river tables and bar tops.

In addition to that, you can use this product on handcrafted art items and encapsulation of objects. The 2-gallon kit consists of one-gallon resin and a one-gallon hardener. Furthermore, you can acquire a smooth coating on surfaces made of metal, rock, as well as plastic.

Overall, the elements included in creating epoxy resin ensure that surfaces remain safe if they came in touch with food. Moreover, the seamless structure maintains the prevention of chemical leakage, which provides increased durability. Similarly, for your comfort, the formula is free from odor.


  • Can use it in metals and plastic
  • Ensures utmost longevity
  • Resistance to heat and water
  • 100% food safe
  • Seamless composition ensures longevity


  • Bubbles ruin the structure
  • Too thick for proper application

Things to Consider Before Buying

Have you been compulsively buying products without in-depth research of the attributes? Then you are in danger since you are susceptible to fraudulence. Like our clear cedar finish for outdoors review, this epoxy resin review also allocates a segment that divulges into the basic features, making an epoxy the perfect option for you.

Resistance to Water, Heat, and Scratch

Did you ever get a product for yourself that was prone to bubbles and haze? A few flicks of water can amount to catastrophic outcomes on your project. And to reduce that problem, many options provide an exclusive feature of water resistance.

This resistance allows you to work efficiently and effectively without having to worry about water contamination.

Not only does the contamination of moisture encourage the escalation of curing time, but it also results in a cloudy structure. If you want your project to have a crystal clear surface, get an epoxy that exhibits water resistance.

Epoxy for River Table

On the other hand, an average epoxy resin without the feature of heat resistance can hold out against 150 to 300 degrees of high-temperature exposure. However, a product that highlights the heat resistant formula can withstand a temperature up to 600 degrees.

All the while, this exceptional feature prevents your small or large-scale projects from developing a yellow hue. Some formula does not protect your wooden piece from impact or damage associated with scratches.

However, you should opt for a product that allows you to have a scratch-free finishing since it will not taint your glossy and glass-like completion.

Inclusion of UV Stabilizer

UV stabilizer, or in other words, UV inhibitors, is essential if you are working on a project that may have the potential to get exposed to UV rays. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV rays can result in detrimental consequences such as discoloration or yellowing effect on the surface you applied the epoxy resin in.

Epoxy for River Table

Unless you want a flaky or tacky result, you must choose a product that features these unique constituents that permits you full freedom at any events. Along with ensuring protection, you will also have surfaces that appeal to the eyes of the viewers.

The Anti-Blushing Property

While laminating your furniture with a not-so-standard epoxy resin, you may have noticed the effect of blushing on the tabletops. The rise of this circumstance begets from the reaction of water and carbon dioxide with the epoxy-curing agent.

Not only does this develops a counterproductive repercussion, but it also disregards the appeal of your project. Avoiding such undesirable outcomes is among the essential factors before purchasing an epoxy resin. And for that, products that provide resistance to blushing is quintessential.

Conveniently Self-levels 

Who disagrees that the application method of resin is by far the most tiresome task? As a practicing woodworker, it is of great significance to apply the product seamlessly and access out-of-reach areas. In doing so, a notable quantity of time loss happens during the application process.

Moreover, manually applying the epoxy can leave undesirable dents and marks due to human-error or minor mistakes. As a result, uniform and even surface are out of the question.

For that, you must exercise extra caution while buying the epoxy resin since there are options that incorporate a one-of-a-kind technique of self-leveling. This feature makes sure that you do not waste your time; in fact, you will most certainly save your time.

The trick behind a self-leveling epoxy is that it uniformly spreads out across the surface you applied the resin. This feature significantly reduces your time consumption and assists you in obtaining a smooth and sleek finishing.

In case you are working on a river table, this type of formula spares you from using tools to even out the epoxy.

Time Frame for Hardening

The curing time depends on the projects you work on. For instance, you are working on creating a river table; in that case, you do not require a substantial time frame to get the outcome you wanted.

On the other hand, if you are working on large-scale projects such as applying epoxy to a concrete floor, you may need more time. Before anything, you must figure out the type of surface you are working on, and based on that, you will purchase the product.

Epoxy for River Table

As it happens, the existence of epoxy resin’s formula that takes a few minutes to settle works in your favor in the event of working on encapsulating objects or making jewelry. Some procedures only take 30 to 40 minutes to cure, and by that time, you have your item prepared for you.

In contrast, you can find many available options for you in the market that takes over 72 hours to cure. Keep in mind, this type of epoxies are more effective while working on flooring finish.

Free of Odor

Generally, epoxies are chemicals, and most chemicals give off a synthetic stench that makes an uncomfortable working environment. And sometimes, the fumes harm the body and respiratory system, which is a big no-no for a lot of artisans.

Prolonged inhalation of the fumes can cause significant long-term damage. For this very reason, epoxy producers encompass elements in their formula that are odorless and scentless. As a result, you can work longer hours without wearing a mask and, hence ensure exceptional comfort and ease.

Additional Tools

There are moments when you purchase a product, and the most exciting part is the unboxing process. If by chance, you notice additional tools along with the main product, then you know you are in for a treat.

Regarding the epoxy resin, some options include a spreader or a brush for easy application. However, they rarely offer wood screws. Anyway, the additional equipment further enhances the user’s ability to pour the epoxy uniformly and receive a favorable outcome. Oh! If you're working with cedar, don't forget to apply cedar wood sealers for a long service life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of materials does an epoxy resin is not adhesive towards? 

As you already know, epoxy resins can easily stick to surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, glass, and many more. However, epoxies maintain a strict non-adhesive bonding with materials such as Teflon, polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene.

Although to get a more reliable knowledge of this matter, apply the resin to whatever surface you want to.

2. Can I use epoxy resin for casting?

Absolutely, many of us assume that epoxy resin is only used for coating tabletops or countertops for a clear and glossy surface in addition to strengthening the overall structure. However, the resin can also be used for casting items such as jewelry and encapsulating objects.

3. How much of the formula should I utilize?

This aspect solely depends on the enormity of your project. For instance, if you are working on smaller objects, then you need to estimate the surface area and apply the product accordingly. If you use it on the floor, the scenario changes, and you may require gallons of epoxy for a satisfying outcome.

4. What is the ratio that I should follow while mixing epoxy resin and hardener?

It would be best if you emphasized the volume of mixing the ingredients in the containers. If you blend the epoxy-based on the weight, then it will create an unwanted mixture. A universal fact is maintaining a 1:1 ratio for proper mixing and, therefore, the ideal coating.

5. Is sanding over a cured epoxy surface dangerous?

Unfortunately yes, although after the epoxy is cured, the surface cannot react with any other substances. As a result, you can do sanding on your furniture, such as the river table, for improvement. However, this releases particulate matter into the atmosphere, which can damage your lungs.

Final Words

It is evident that epoxy resin guarantees robust and strong tabletops that also ensure an attractive exterior. There is no doubt that you have found the best epoxy for river table from this comprehensive list of options.

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