10 Best Door Security Bar Reviews

Keeping your living space safe and secure should always be a priority. It’s better to be safe than sorry in these cases. And adding the best door security bar to your doors can be an additional layer of protection. In fact, they are the most common techniques for improving home security.

In this article, we are presenting to you our top door security bar reviews. From our assessments, you can find the best fits for all the doors and windows of your home. Be it for a standard hinged door, or French door or windows, or traveling, or apartments, you will find an option for each use in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

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10 Best Door Security Bar Reviews 

When you look up door security bars online, you will be greeted with countless different options. We aim to help you narrow down the list from our reviews.

1. Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

We are starting off our review with a versatile beast on a budget. If you want a security bar that can work with different types of doors and be lightweight enough for traveling, you cannot go wrong with this super affordable master lock door security bar.

First off, let’s talk versatility. This security bar is a dual-function one that can protect forced entry from hinged, slide, and patio doors. So, no matter the type of door you need to secure, you will always be safe.

What’s more, this unit is very portable. It is compact, which means you can take it with you during travels to secure any hotel, motel, or Airbnb rooms for that extra peace of mind. Because of the very same reason, it can also be used as an apartment door security bar.

So, basically, you can use this gem for any kind of door and any type of application. It’s that multi-purpose.

Do not worry about its effectiveness for the compact dimensions. The heavy-duty 20-gauge steel construction material ensures that it can keep intruders at bay all day long. We love this product!


  • Compatible with hinged, slide, and patio doors
  • Portable, and compact for easy traveling
  • Decent adjustable height limit that ranges from 27.5 to 42 inches
  • Heavy-duty 20-gauge steel material for maximum strength
  • Pivoting ball joint for easier installation


  • The plastic foot may slide easily on tile, concrete, or hardwood floors
  • The push pin mechanism may be tough to use

2. Ideal Security BK112W Window Security Bar

Ideal Security BK112W Window Security Bar

If you look up door security bar reviews online, Ideal Security’s patio door bar will come up time and time again. But in our opinion, their window security bars are equally as great and deserve the same love.

Though they are made for windows, you can easily use these security bars with sliding glass doors too. It can also be used as a French door security bar with ease.

This security bar is not one that stays hidden. In fact, it is very visible to anyone who might look through your window. This could be a very good thing, as it will serve as a deterrent to anyone who might have the ill intent of breaking in through your window.

If you have children at home, then you understand the risk of them accidentally opening door lock bars or being persuaded by people to do so. Well, this door lock is childproof, so you do not have to worry about that. You can even mount it at a height unreachable from children altogether.

The installation is a breeze to go through, which is another plus. You will not struggle with it.


  • Visually deterrent to intruders as well as burglars
  • Child-safe locking system will ensure kids cannot accidentally open it
  • Quick and effortless installation system
  • Has room for pet doors or in-window air conditioners
  • Can easily be adjusted to any door without any modifications


  • Might collapse under too much pressure, defeating the purpose

3. Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

Brinks is a global leader in making security products and services. So, you can count on its products to give you the best security possible. In fact, this very security bar is the first choice of many people when it comes to door security. If you are looking for entry door security bars on a budget, look into this.

Much like the first entry on our list, this security bar is a versatile one. Its height is adjustable between a good enough range of 25 to 45 inches. Besides, it supports both hinged and sliding doors. So, you can use this bar for almost any type of door you need.

An issue some people run into with door security bars is that they tend to leave marks on the floors. This could be an issue with hotel or apartment owners. To rid you of such worry, Brinks gave this product a non-marring yoke top.

This top will prevent the security bar from leaving any imprints on the floor. Also, the pivoting foot is padded, which will provide a better grip. However, the rubber base isn’t perfect, and it may slip on surfaces like glass and tiles.


  • Made with robust 20-gauge tube steel
  • Has a non-marring yoke top for spotless floors
  • The padded foot provides a better fit
  • Adjustable height between a great range of 25 to 45 inches
  • Can withstand weights of up to 300 lbs.


  • Not the best choice for slippery surfaces like glass or tiles
  • The rubber base is not perfect

4. South Main Hardware Security Bar

South Main Hardware Security Bar

Some people do not really need a security bar because the neighborhood they live in is fairly safe, they just use them for peace of mind. If you fall under this category and are in need of an extra layer of protection in form of a front door security bar, this one is a very inexpensive option!

We will be honest with you, as far as door security bars go, this one is not extraordinary by any means. So, you cannot expect the highest level of security possible from this. At this price range, you should not expect it either. Having said that, it is excellent at bringing another layer of safety to your home.

Putting a security bar together and using it cannot get any easier than this product. It takes only a matter of seconds to deploy this security bar once it is assembled. So, you will not be running late to work every morning!

This security bar has a rubber sole foot that rotates, which allows for a more secure fit. However, this security bar does not do too well on slippery surfaces despite having a rubber foot. The unit works at its best only when you put a rug or carpet underneath it.


  • Very affordable with great value
  • Rotating rubber sole foot for secure placement
  • Removable head permits use with sliding doors
  • Aesthetic white and silver finish
  • Very easy to put together


  • Needs a rug or carpet to work the best

5. AmazonBasics 27.5-Inch Adjustable Security Bar

AmazonBasics 27.5-Inch Adjustable Security Bar

If you really liked the previous security bar but want something in the same price range that will not slide around as much, then we have this one for you. AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private line of quality products at an affordable price. They are not security-focused, so do not wish for top-of-the-line quality here.

In terms of build and features, this product is very similar to the previous one. So, this too is very time-saving. Putting it up and taking it off takes only a few seconds, so this product will be saving you a lot of time in the long haul. However, assembling it might break a sweat. A few users struggled with this aspect.

What really surprised us is this product’s dual-use. Yes, you read that right! This security bar can be used for both hinged doors and sliding doors. Simply remove the head to use it on the latter. If you want to use it on a hinged door, attach the head back on. As simple as that!

Overall, this is a solid product to have if you do not want to invest too much into door security bars. It does the job well, and you’d be happy with it if you are not too demanding.


  • Powder-coated white finish will complement your interior
  • Has a removable head for sliding doors and windows
  • Dual-use for both hinged doors and sliding doors
  • Durable steel body


  • Assembly might be tricky

6. SECURITYMAN 2 in 1 Adjustable Door Security Bar & Sliding Door Lock Bar

SECURITYMAN 2 in 1 Adjustable Door Security Bar & Sliding Door Lock Bar

At our sixth spot, we have a very popular model, the SecurityMan dual-function adjustable door security bar. It is well-loved for a reason. Keep reading to find out what those reasons are!

Nothing is more annoying than getting door security bars only to find out that they only work with a few specific types of floor. You will not face that problem with this security bar, as it works perfectly on almost any possible surface– carpet, wood, tile, linoleum, concrete, laminate, marble, and more.

The versatility does not stop at floor types only. As you can guess from its name, you can use this security bar with both hinged and sliding doors.

And as for the material, this product boasts an iron build that can take on up to 350 lbs. of weight. This amount is more than the average person’s weight, so rest assured that no one can break into your home.

One problem people face with added security options is that they might stop people from getting in or out during events of an emergency such as a fire. This security bar is easy to remove, which gained it the best door security bar tag from us!


  • Easily interchangeable caps for dual function
  • Easy to set up, adjust, use, and remove in case of emergency
  • High-grade iron material can stand up to 350 lbs. weight
  • Non-skid rubber bottom ensures full contact at an angle
  • Compatible with all types of floors


  • The instruction manual could be clearer

7. SABRE HS-DSB Adjustable 2-in-1 Home Bar

SABRE HS-DSB Adjustable 2-in-1 Home Bar

We have another great value product in store for you! This Sabre dual-use home bar provides a strong scratch-proof grip to your floor and is perfect for apartments, dorms, and traveling.

If you live on a property that is not your own, such as hotels, apartments, or even dormitories, the need for security and scratch-free floor gets very high. This 20-gauge steel build product will provide you with sufficient blockage to your door.

What’s more, like most other products on the list, it is useable as a hinged, sliding, and patio door security bar. So, install it onto any door, and it will keep your place safe and give you the peace of mind needed for sound sleep.

And if you are a traveler, then you can easily fit this inside your bag or luggage thanks to the collapsible design. Now you can be safe anywhere you go!

This product’s length can be adjusted from 28.5 to 45 inches. So, it will fit doors of any size. The installation, overall, is easy and simple as it does not require any specialized tool, like the finish nailers or wood screws.

However, placing the pin inside the pre-drilled holes can prove to be a struggle. In fact, for the best possible performance, we would recommend you replace the pin with one bought from a hardware store. You should also drill some holes by yourself.


  • No tools required for the installation
  • Solid performance for the value
  • Easily adjustable
  • Collapsible design is great for storage and travels


  • Needs slight alteration
  • The pin is hard to put in

8. U.S. Patrol ZB8095WHI White Sliding Door Lock BAR

U.S. Patrol ZB8095WHI White Sliding Door Lock BAR

Looking for a security bar for sliding glass door? Your search stops here, as we have just the thing for you!

While many of the door security bars featured in our list can double as both a hinged and sliding door lock, if you want the best security for sliding doors or windows, it is always better to go for a security bar specifically made for them. They will provide more security and features you would not find in the other ones.

When you look at this product, the first thing you would notice is its design. The model is decorative and very gorgeous. In fact, it is hands down the prettiest product on our list. So, aside from security, it will also enhance the looks of your interior design.

To match your taste, U.S. Patrol offers this door security bar in three color options. They come in black, white, and grey. So, you can choose one that would look the best in your home.

The adjustment notches are not very well placed. It is possible that the adjusted length would either be too long or short for you. However, that is easily fixable by simply drilling a new hole in the exact place where you need one.


  • Available in three colors - black, white, and grey
  • Door jamming bar specifically made for sliding doors & windows
  • Decorative design adds to any home’s aesthetics
  • Easy placement and removal


  • The adjustment notches are not well placed

9. Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

At our 9th spot, we have another crowd favorite, Buddybar door jammer. If you are not looking for affordable options and would rather invest in something that will give you the best performance for years, this is your ideal match. With this product, you will have the best possible security at home.

This one is for those of you who are living or traveling in bad areas with more likelihood of forced entry and break-in. With the Buddybar by your side, you can be 100 percent safe.

The security bar is one of the sturdiest and most heavy-duty ones out there. It will be hard to find anything that provides as much robustness as this one. With the all-metal powder-coated steel body, this door security bar can withstand up to 2560 lbs. of force. Yes, you read that right!

So, intruders and burglars can try all they want, the door won’t be moving even if multiple people put force against it.

As this is the real deal, if you want something for general use, it might be too cumbersome for you. Also, it does not come cheap. So, invest only if you want the best security.


  • Can withstand forces up to a staggering 2560 lbs.
  • All-metal body with no plastic for the best performance
  • Makes a strong & secure connection and does not fall off the door
  • Works well on tile, carpet, and concrete


  • Might be too heavy & cumbersome
  • On the expensive side

10. Lock-it Block-it Home Security Adjustable Window Locks/Window Security Bars

Lock-it Block-it Home Security Adjustable Window Locks

And finally, we have a double-sided tape home security bar to offer a different type of product. This Lock-it Block-it bar can be installed in a jiffy with very little effort. If a quick installation for window or sliding door protection is what you are after, then check this out!

Installing this security bar is very easy. It does not require you to drill holes or do some work with tools. Simply adjust the length and use the strong adhesive tape to attach it to your door or window. You can lock your desired height in place using a pin. And you can leave some areas open if you desire.

It is very important to check the length before purchasing any door security bars. This activity holds even more importance when it comes to this particular one because a couple of users reported getting security bars that were not long enough. This defeats the purpose of the product.

So, carefully measure the window or door you plan on using this security bar on, and check for compatibility. If it is compatible, it will fit right in your window tracks.


  • 13 adjustable length settings for greater control
  • Double-headed push pin withstands repeated impacts with extra resistance
  • Quick and easy installation with no drilling or tools needed
  • Replaces unsightly wooden blocks with a modern design
  • Compatible with single-hung windows, patio doors, and sliding windows


  • Made of plastic
  • A couple of users faced length issues

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are door bars effective?

Yes. Any general security bar, like the master lock door security bar, can protect your door. With one of them properly installed, no one can open your door or window from the outside, even if they use a considerable amount of force.

2. What type of door is most secure?

Among common door materials such as PVC, wood, composite, and aluminum, wooden doors are the most secure. Furthermore, the locks available and compatible with wooden doors are far superior to those for composite, PVC, or aluminum doors.

Door Security Bar

As for patio doors, you can choose from bi-fold, double or single, and sliding doors. Among these choices, aluminum sliding doors with vertical locking points and reinforced glasses are the safest.

3. How can I make my door more secure?

To make your door more secure, always use door security bars. Aside from that, reinforce the strike plate of your good. The strike plate is the place where the frame connects with the deadbolts. Replace the screws in the strike plate with 3-inch screws, and it will be very secure.

4. How do you put a security bar on a door?

There is no clear-cut answer to this. This varies depending on the type of security bar you have. You may have a security bar for sliding doors, or one for hinged doors, and so on. Our advice would be to carefully follow the user manual of the specific kind you have, and you can install it perfectly.

5. How do you secure a door from being kicked in?

To secure your door from being kicked in, you should replace the deadbolt strike plate as suggested earlier. Along with that, you can install hinge bolts, reinforce the door frame with a reinforcement kit, use strike plate locks, and install door security bars. The combination of all these would ensure a very secure door.

Final Words

With the best door security bar protecting your home, you will be able to sleep like a baby every night. We hope we have made that possible by providing you with a list of the 10 top options available in the market right now. Oh! if you're also looking for wood waxes for the door, click this link now.

Until next time, good day!

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