5 Best Cordless Jigsaws Reviews

A jigsaw is quite an essential tool in the field of woodworking, and every woodworker should have one — whether it’s your hobby or your profession.

This tool can bring a lot of benefits, which makes it worth having. But that doesn’t mean you will settle down for just any jigsaw — you should put enough thought before getting one.

But even if the task seems daunting, don’t worry, because we are here to help you get one of the best cordless jigsaws.

We have picked the top five available out there and provided all the necessary information regarding them. Along with that, you will also find a buying guide here.

So go through this comprehensive article to get the right pick already.

DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B)

Whether you are a professional or an amateur woodworker, having a jigsaw that is effortless to use it quite essential. But finding a powerful and yet easy to operate jigsaw is difficult. However, here’s one that carries both of these aspects along with a lot more, which you will find out about in our review.

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, this product isn’t one to disappoint. For that, it comes with four position orbital action, which will not only make the work much more efficient for you, but will also allow you to work differently. As a result, you will be able to work on various projects without any hassle.

You would definitely expect your chosen jigsaw to be accurate; because other than that, what’s the point in purchasing the item anyway? When working on intricate details and cuts, preciseness is absolutely necessary, and that’s what this saw will be providing at all times.

What makes it even better is that you will be able to carry it to multiple work places without any hassle whatsoever. This cordless jigsaw comes with separate batteries and chargers, which increases manoeuvrability and makes it much more convenient for its users.

But that’s not all. For further convenience and a greater performance, the product comes with lever action keyless blade and keyless shoe level, which are both constructed of all metal. This aspect also ensures durability like no other; so you won’t have to be concerned about replacing it anytime soon.

However, the blade sometimes fails to be held locked in, which can be a major inconvenience while woodworking. On the other hand, it doesn’t come with a system to blow the extra dust off the way, which can make drawing a cut much more difficult.


  • Suitable for both professionals and amateurs
  • Includes four position orbital action for versatility
  • Offers great precision when cutting and detailing
  • Cordless jigsaw can be carried from place to place easily 
  • Comes with lever action keyless blade and keyless shoe level


  • Blade fails to be held locked in at times
  • No system to blow off the extra dust 

2. Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

If you are looking for a jigsaw that you will be able to use for a wide range of materials, then we can assure you that you have come to the right place. This item includes straight cutting along with three orbital settings, which will offer versatility like no other. Find out more about this item right here.

For different projects, distinct speeds are quite mandatory. And hence, this product comes with a variable speed motor that delivers about 0-2,600 strokes per minute, which will promote quick and efficient cutting. To make this system even more convenient, the item includes a large two finger variable speed trigger.

Blades often need to be replaced when using a jigsaw, and if that task is time-consuming, then you will have quite a tough time operating it. Therefore, this item includes a blade change system that is tool-less, which will allow you to remove and install the blade as quickly as possible.

Along with precision and accuracy, this item guarantees durability as well. That is because, the jig saw comes with a base that is heavy gauge and has been precision machined. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about replacing the tool anytime soon.

For further convenience, the product comes with base bevels along with locks up to 45 degrees, which goes both left and right. This aspect provides accurate bevel cuts like no other. Furthermore, it also includes a built-in LED light, which will provide light in the work area even if you are working in a low-light situation.

The jigsaw is pretty heavy, and adding the batteries’ weight makes it only heavier- which can be a major inconvenience for the users. On the other hand, the blade removal guard is made of plastic, which can raise plenty of safety issues and so you should be careful.


  • Offers straight cutting along with three orbital settings
  • Comes with a variable motor that delivers 0-2,600 strokes per minute
  • Quick and effortless removal and installation of the blade
  • Base is heavy gauge and has been precision machined
  • Includes a built-in LED light and 45-degree base bevel and lock 


  • Heavy and adding batteries makes it heavier
  • Blade removal guard is made of plastic

3. SKIL PWRCore 20 Brushless 20V 1” Stroke Jigsaw

SKIL PWRCore 20 Brushless 20V 1” Stroke Jigsaw

To have uninterrupted woodworking sessions, you will need jigsaws that have a prolonged battery life. And this one provides a run time like no other. It includes a 20 lithium battery with a cooling material wrapped around it, which will extend its runtime to 25% and battery life up to two times.

What makes the jigsaw even more efficient is that you will be able to charge it within just five minutes. But if you want 100% battery life, then you will have to wait no more than thirty minutes. You can plug in the USB port wherever you want, and the PWR assist mobile charging will take care of the rest for you.

This aspect makes it suitable for multiple workplaces— so you can carry it without any hassle. Furthermore, the item already contains a dust blower, and hence, you won’t have to purchase another separately. This part gets rid of the dust, which will give you a clearer view of the cut line.

When it comes to power and speed, this device is not one to disappoint. The saw contains a digital brushless motor, which will provide sharpness and efficiency no matter which surface you are working on. Its four-stage orbital functionality will allow you to cut as fast as 3000 strokes per minute.

But that’s not all. The item makes sure you won’t have to go through any hassle while changing the blades, and for that, it comes with a tool-free blade clamp. This aspect will allow you to change the blades quickly and safely, even if you don’t have any prior experience with this sort of work.

However, the blades supplied with it are pretty short, so you may have to purchase separate ones if you want to get work done more quickly. On the other hand, the angle base plate can loosen up after the first time of use, which can be pretty disappointing for the users as well.


  • Includes a 20 lithium battery with a cooling material wrapped around it
  • Charges within five minutes and the USB port can be plugged in anywhere
  • Dust blower gives a clearer view of the cut line
  • Comes with a brushless digital motor and four-stage orbital functionality
  • Easy blade change with tool-free blade clamp 


  • Blades included are pretty short
  • Angle base plate loosens up easily

4. Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw

Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw

In order to carry your jigsaw from place to place, it needs to be compact as well as lightweight. And this item is quite the star in that aspect because it only weighs about 3.8 pounds and is 8.75-inch long. But it does include other remarkable facilities, which you will find out about in our comprehensive review.

No matter which material you choose to cut, you will never have to compromise in terms of power. With a ¾-inch stroke length and up to 2800 strokes per minute, each of your cuts will be smooth. Furthermore, the innovative Hybrid Grip design will provide more control with a variable speed trigger.

On the other hand, while replacing and using the blade, you will face little to no hassle. That is because it comes with a Quik-Lok T-Shank blade clamp along with a tool-free 450 bevel capability. The bevel includes a positive lock at 900, which will bring diversity to your work like no other.

But to make your work even more beautiful, the item includes a non-marring shoe. The benefit of this aspect is that the part will protect the surfaces of the materials, which will result in neat finishes. Furthermore, the saw is designed to minimize vibration, which will direct the weight on the cutting area.

As a result, you will feel utterly comfortable while working with this tool. And the comfort will persist even when working in low light conditions because the fuel gauge and LED light will make the cutting line more visible while viewing the remaining run time.

But the indicator line is always covered in sawdust more or less, which makes it difficult to cut straight. Moreover, the device can abruptly stop working after being used for some small projects, so you will have to be cautious.


  • Weighs about 3.8 pounds and is 8.75-inch long
  • Provides ¾-inch stroke length and 2800 strokes per minute
  • Includes a tool-free 450 bevel capability with a positive lock at 900
  • Non-marring shoe ensures neat finishes and vibration is minimized
  • Includes fuel gauge along with LED light 


  • Indicator line is always covered in sawdust
  • Can abruptly stop after being used for small projects

5. Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

Are you looking for a jigsaw that will be absolutely effortless to transport? In that case, here’s an item you should check out right away. This complete product includes an on-board bevel wrench storage, which will improve not only portability but also convenience. Find out more in our review.

What makes it even more convenient for transportation is its weight and size. The item weighs about 30% less than your average jigsaw and is about 10% smaller. Furthermore, it also comes with a small grip diameter, which will allow you to work for longer by reducing user fatigue. 

When it comes to convenience, the saw just doesn’t know where to stop. It comes with a T-Shank blade change system, which will allow tool-less blade changes, and let you go through the process without any trouble. Moreover, the adjustable footplate will let you make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.

On the other hand, you have nothing to be concerned about in terms of safety as well. That is because the jigsaw has been designed in such a way that makes the battery and the motor stay protected against overload as well as overheating. This aspect will make sure you have nothing to worry about while working.

With this item, you will be able to work under low light as well. The dust blower of the device is always on, which will make the cut line visible for you. Furthermore, the LED light will make sure you get to work comfortably even when the lights are dim.  

The product doesn’t come with a battery or a charger, and so you will have to purchase them separately, which can be quite hassle-some. On the other hand, the dust blower is quite weak, which can be pretty disappointing for the users.


  • Includes an on-board bevel wrench storage
  • Small grip diameter and weighs 30% less than the average ones
  • Allows tool-less blade changes and includes an adjustable footplate
  • Battery and motor stay protected from overloading and overheating
  • LED light and a dust blower that is always on 


  • Doesn’t come with a battery or a charger
  • Dust blower is quite weak

What Makes a Good Cordless Jigsaw? 

Just like the beginner table saws, cordless jigsaws are crucial tools that play a vital role in woodworking and hence, you shouldn’t pick one for yourself carelessly. Going for the most popular one isn’t recommended, but going for the most suitable one for yourself is.

And to determine whether or not a certain jigsaw is suitable for you, there are certain factors that need to be considered. If you have purchased one before, then you are aware of them, but if you haven’t, then you should pay close attention.

We will be discussing those aspects in this section of the article, so you won’t face any trouble whatsoever when getting one for yourself. If you keep these in mind, then you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.


Whenever we choose to purchase heavy woodworking tools, we tend to focus on how long they will be lasting. After all, you will have to spend a large sum of money on them.

And, of course, cordless jigsaws are no different in this case. You need to prioritize its longevity before you can get to any other features and facilities. Hence, you should first take a look at its construction.

Cordless Jigsaw

After that, you should check if the product comes with a warranty. You should get a jigsaw that comes with a warranty of at least five years- anything less would be a loss.


The cutting speed of a cordless jigsaw is quite important, and that is determined by the power that it provides. So of course it implies that the higher the power, the greater the cutting speed.

In general, you will find that most jigsaws come with a voltage of 18-20V, which translates to its power. However, there are tools that do offer a higher or a lower voltage. Obviously, these will be of no match even with the portable table saws in terms of power.

We would suggest you choose the level of power depending on the materials that you will be cutting. That is because the speed that you will need largely depends on that.


When we are searching for portable items, we would obviously prefer the ones that don’t weigh much. And that is simply because we would have to carry them from time to time.

Similarly, cordless jigsaws are handheld tools - which means you will have to work with them by holding them up mostly. And this will require them to weigh less.

That is why you should focus on the weight of the item. However, it shouldn’t be light enough to break down easily when too much pressure or power is being applied. And, of course, whichever you pick, it'll be way better than the best hand saws for cutting wood in the market.

Variable Speed Controller 

If you are purchasing a cordless jigsaw, then you are surely planning on cutting a variety of materials with it. And those materials will vary in terms of thickness of course.

With a different thickness, different cutting speed is also required. And hence, it is quite essential to choose a jigsaw with a variable speed controller. This feature will make things a lot easier for you.

Cordless Jigsaw

You will be able to increase or decrease the speed according to your work requirements, which will also make the task much safer for you, as it will prevent accidents.

Battery Life 

It’s no secret that cordless jigsaws run on batteries, and if the batteries run out from time to time in the middle of work, then that would be quite an inconvenience for you.

Therefore, you should make sure that the battery life of your chosen item is longer than your other options. Charging them now and then would be quite hassle-some as well, so don’t overlook this aspect.

Moreover, also focus on how long does it take for the batteries to charge. But, since the battery life partially depends on the materials you would be cutting as well, it is not something you can entirely control.

LED light 

Woodworking can be quite frustrating in itself, and that is why it is necessary to go for a cordless jigsaw that will be providing as much convenience as possible for you.

For instance, LED light is a feature that can make cutting much more comfortable for you. That is because you will be able to see the cutting line more clearly, which will also enhance accuracy.

Furthermore, this aspect will allow you to work under low light conditions as well. While it's a pretty standard feature among the best hybrid table saw units, you may not get this feature in all the jigsaws. And hence, we would recommend you to choose a jigsaw that contains this facility.

Dust Blower 

When woodworking, there will be a lot of dust on the workspace, making your work quite inconvenient for you. Moreover, cleaning the dust off from time to time isn’t quite hassle-free either.

That is why you should choose a cordless jigsaw that comes with a dust blower. This feature will allow you to work without any inconvenience, so you will be able to work more efficiently.

However, it’s not a must-have feature, so you can choose to neglect it as well, given that having this feature can add a lot more to the costs.

Blade Adjustment 

If you have never used cordless jigsaws before, then you will surely have a difficult time having your way around it. And that will especially happen if the product comes with complicated facilities and systems.

That is why you should choose a tool that comes with a tool-free and convenient blade adjustment system. This aspect will allow you to install and remove blades without any hassle whatsoever.

In fact, you will be able to do it in a short time as well, which will undoubtedly save your energy.


We have previously mentioned that a cordless jigsaw is a handheld tool, which means you will have to hold it for the most part. And to make sure your hands don’t get fatigued or you don’t get tired, a comfortable handle is essential.

Therefore, when choosing a cordless jigsaw, you should make sure that it comes with a user-oriented handle. It should be ergonomic and have a nice grip, which will prevent it from slipping through your hands as well.

Lastly, the handle should also come with a protective material, which will keep you safe and prevent unwanted electrical accidents when working.


Cordless jigsaws are quite expensive items in the woodworking industry, especially if you compare them with doweling jig kits. And that is only normal, given the facilities that come packed in one tool. But that doesn’t mean you will have to spend tons on one.

You can make a budget, and you can still get one according to it. On average, you will find a good one within 300-600 dollars.

However, if you are looking for something that is on the high end of the price range, then you will have to spend above 1000 dollars.

Corded vs Cordless Jigsaw 

Many people tend to think that the only difference between a corded and a cordless jigsaw is the involvement of a cord. But that’s not entirely the truth. Multiple aspects set them apart, which you should be well aware of.

Corded vs Cordless Jigsaw

Well, before choosing one, you should think more about which one would be better suited for you, and that’s what we will be discussing in this part of the article.

What Is a Corded Jigsaw? 

A corded jigsaw is a woodworking tool with an unlimited power supply, making it a rather reliable ally. You will be able to use this tool to cut various tough materials.

Corded Jigsaw

For instance, it can be used to cut hardwood and metals as well, which makes it quite versatile. On the other hand, it is lighter than its counterparts, which makes it pretty comfortable to use as well.

What Is a Corded Jigsaw More Suited for? 

If you have a workshop where you can work within a limited space with a power outlet nearby, then a corded jigsaw is your best option. You will be able to work for hours without interruption.

This tool is undoubtedly known for its power, and hence, you should use it for heavier tasks. For instance, it would be most suited for projects that will require you to make vigorous and long cuts in one standing.

What Is a Cordless Jigsaw? 

The primary advantage of a cordless jigsaw is its portability. This item will allow you to do complete your projects wherever and whenever without any hassle whatsoever.

Cordless Jigsaw

However, it comes with a limited power supply, which can be quite a disadvantage, especially when you are in the middle of cutting something heavy. Moreover, the extra weight of the batteries only makes it tougher to carry around.

What Is a Cordless Jigsaw More Suited for? 

If you need to do your woodworking mostly outside or on various worksites with no suitable power outlets, then you can fully rely on a corded jigsaw. Because all you will have to do is charge it timely.

On the other hand, if you need to work on ceilings or other similar areas when a cord can possibly create some hassle, then you can go for a cordless jigsaw without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Should I go for a cordless jigsaw? 

That depends on your need entirely. This tool is mostly popular for its portability and flexibility. So, if you have multiple workplaces, then you should totally go for it, or if you have to work in a place with no supply of electricity. It runs on a battery, so you can charge it according to your convenience as well.

And if you're also looking for a table saw, you can give our article on the best table saw from Grizzly a read.

2. Are cordless jigsaws loud in general? 

Cordless jigsaws aren’t exactly silent, but they cannot be called extremely loud either. If you want, you can cancel out the sound coming from the tool with some music. They usually give out as much sound like a vacuum cleaner, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue for any users.

3. Why does my cordless jigsaw not cut straight? 

When using cordless jigsaws, you need to keep in mind that they provide a force to cut the materials on their own. So if you provide any further pressure, that will prohibit the tool from cutting straight and will rather make it cut at an angle. Therefore, sit back and let the tool do its work.

4. How should I choose a jigsaw blade? 

If you are going to use your jigsaw for cutting wood, then you should choose a blade with 6-10tpi. The lower you go on the scale, the higher will be the blade’s speed, but it will also produce more chip-out. Hence, you should select a blade depending on the thickness of the material you will be working with.

5. How much do cordless jigsaws cost in general? 

Cordless jigsaws fall into the category of expensive woodworking tools — which is only reasonable, given the kind of tool it is. You will find them within 300-600 dollars if you are looking for those on an average cost. However, if you want to go for something high-end, then you will find them over 1000 dollars.

Final Words

Even though there are numerous products out there that will seem like the best cordless jigsaws for you, the decision of getting one should be made wisely.

There are plenty that claims to work wonders, but at the end of the day, you will know which one is the most suitable for you. Hence, don’t give up before you find the right one.

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