5 Best Composite Deck Cleaners Review with Buying Guide

So you may have recently purchased a new home for your family, which comes with a composite deck backyard. Or maybe you happen to be thinking about some home improvements, such as putting a composite deck behind the house.

You can enjoy some weekend barbequing on the new deck. Maybe enjoy some afternoon tea here with your peers. Even though these items seem very enjoyable, you sure have to think about their maintenance.

So how about we introduce you to some of the best composite deck cleaners you can find in the market? That way, you can enjoy the deck and not have to worry about the upkeep!

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Best Composite Deck Cleaners

Worried about keeping your composite deck looking like a brand new one? Let us help you by talking about a few products below.

1. Olympic/PPG Architectural Fin 52125A/01 

Olympic/PPG Architectural Fin 52125A

The first product that we will talk about is this USA-made Olympic premium deck cleaner. If you have been searching for a no-hassle, easy-to-use cleaning product for your composite deck, you can consider it.

This ready-to-use cleaner will help you remove all kinds of dirt and mildew stains very easily. So what you have to do is apply the product in the area you want cleaning.

Sit idle for five to ten minutes after applying. Afterward, you have to wash it off by spraying water from your garden hose. This product does not only work with composites but also all other wooden surfaces.

If you happen to have vinyl sidings around your deck, then you do not need to worry while using this cleaner as well. It is also entirely safe for your favorite plants in the backyard, and you do not have to worry about harming them in any way whatsoever.

At times, various kinds of algae and mold may form around your deck. It is quite natural and happens to need some maintenance. But with the help of this product, getting rid of them is going to be very easy.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Does not harm plants and ferns
  • Gets rid of algae and mold easily
  • Works great on all wooden surfaces
  • Just spray and wash off after a while


  • May leave a strong smell of chlorine bleach
  • Pricey for alternatives available

2. Mold Armor FG505 E-Z Deck and Fence Wash

Mold Armor FG505 E-Z Deck and Fence Wash

This product comes with a critical ingredient which is sodium hypochlorite. Also known as sodium salt or, as we call it, bleach. With this spray-on product, your life will be super easy when it comes to cleaning your favorite deck.

So only focus on the part that you want to get cleaned and spray on it. This one will not only help you clean your favorite backyard deck but will also restore the natural look of the worn-out and discolored surfaces behind your house.

You may be planning to buy this product right away as a cleaning agent for your composite deck. But you would love to know that you can also use this cleaner on top of wood sidings, fences, and decks made of other materials as well.

After applying the cleaner on the surface of your preference, all you have to do is wait for around five to ten minutes. It can clean a surface of up to 300 square feet.

With this deck cleaner, believe it when we say this, your scrubbing and mixing of cleaner days are over. Spray plain water to wash it off after a while, and you will be surprised with the result soon enough.


  • Spray-on cleaner
  • No scrubbing needed afterward
  • Versatile in its usability
  • Cleans area up to 300 square feet
  • Environment-friendly ingredients


  • Does not clean grease as well
  • May leave greyish color after cleaning at times

3. Simple Green Oxy Solve Deck and Fence Pressure Washer Cleaner

Simple Green Oxy Solve Deck and Fence Pressure Washer Cleaner

If you have been searching for a dedicated cleaner for not just your composite deck but some surroundings as well, we believe this product is for you. This one is genuinely versatile to its nature.

Interestingly, this liquid cleaner not just cleans your backyard deck with ease but can also help you clean up your fences. This one is suitable for usage on other outdoor structures such as gazebos, carports, etc. It is incredible how much it can help you when it comes to some good deck cleaning.

Now, you can quickly get rid of all those tough grimes, oil, and grease that you have accumulated during the last visit with your family. It also removes molds, mildew, algae formations, or moss with ease.

Not only that, but this product will also remove all sorts of unwanted stains from that beautiful deck of yours. You will find that keeping your deck clean has never been easier.

This cleaner also covers a considerable amount of area. You can easily use this to clean up to 6400 square feet worth of coverage. All these and it is very much safe for the environment.


  • Extensive coverage up to 6400 square feet
  • Cleans up most things in the back yard
  • Versatility at its best
  • Can be used with and without a pressure washer
  • Brings a natural look to the cleaned areas


  • Needs some scrubbing for manual use
  • May not bring back life to very old decks

4. Briggs & Stratton 6827 Wood Surface Cleaner Concentrate for Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton 6827 Wood Surface Cleaner

After a while, those old composite decks look like they are wearing off. It may not seem to look as good compared to the time when you made it. Now all you should do is go for some cleaning and restoration.

Luckily, the Briggs & Stratton product will be perfect for your purpose. For your restoration purposes, no matter if you have a composite deck or wooden one, you can use this item without any worries. It also cleans it up nicely and makes your old deck look brand new in no time.

You also may have some fences and wooden sidings to your deck that you were worrying about. Good for you, you can use this for cleaning and restoring all those things without much hassle. Just know that this product is for outdoor applications only.

It will help you to remove the dirt by breaking them up from the wood surfaces.  Get ready to bid farewell to those eyesores of grimes and stains that have been lying around like unwanted guests.

Before that, prepare yourself to spray some water on the deck before applying this one. After waiting for a while, go on blasting off your deck using a pressure washer.


  • Cleans and restores composite deck easily
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Can be used on various materials
  • Suitable for pressure washers
  • Breaks down dirt like no other


  • May struggle to remove very old stains
  • Need a pressure washer for use

5. Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner

restore a deck wood cleaner

If you want a cleaner designed specifically for all sorts of exterior wooden and composite deck cleaning, this product is for you. This extremely cost-effective powdered formula will help you create a mixture of a potent cleaning agent.

When you mix it up with water, you can create five gallons of cleaner that can clean up an ample amount of surface. The lack of harmful chemicals in this product makes it very safe for usage while keeping environmental safety in mind.

This one helps you to restore the natural beauty of your backyard composite deck. It also helps you clean up weathered composite lumber. You can also get rid of those mold, mildew, and algae using this mixture. The greyish stains that may appear on the decks over time are also easy to remove using this one.

It also fixes the damages caused slowly due to the UV rays from the sun. And you can apply this to all sorts of wooden surfaces after your composite deck has been taken care of.

With coverage of up to 750 to 1000 square feet, with each container, you will be able to use this cleaner without any worries of coverage if you have a large deck.


  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Creates 5 gallons worth of cleaner with one packet
  • Quickly removes stains from molds
  • Thoroughly removes dirt and debris
  • Provides a darker look to wooden surfaces


  • Not made to remove older stains
  • Does not brighten the composite deck

What to Look for Before Buying

Before going out and buying any product, like the composite deck cleaner or an adjustable door security bar that you believe to be the best in the market, you need to consider and do some research based on your needs.


You have to check the type of materials that you have, which need maintenance and cleaning. Whether they are of wood, composite decks, or other materials, you must get cleaners based on whether your purchased product will provide you with the solution you have wanted it for.


It is a must that you make sure of the area's size that you need to clean. If you have a sizable deck or a small one, you need to keep these in mind before purchasing the cleaner.

Also, think about the storage life of the cleaning agent that you are choosing to buy. It would be wise for you to make sure that the cleaner's shelf life will last long enough for the number of times you will be using it for your cleaning purpose.


You have to make sure whether you need cleaning or do you have to remove specific stains as well. Some cleaners do not help in restoration. In contrast, some may bring life back to your old weathered-down composite deck. Some are only good for getting rid of the moss, mildews, etc.

Now, you will find some cleaners which come in a liquid form. Some you have to buy as a formula and mix them up at home before it is ready for serving you with your purpose.


There are cleaners which you can spray on top of the area and later wash it off. For others, you may need some other equipment such as a pressure washer. Although there are products for manual use, you may have to scrub them off.


Scrubbing can be a hassle for some, while others may prefer a certain level of perfection that may come with it. Some cleaners can be used with both pressure washers and manually, while others may only be applicable for one and not the other.


While chlorine bleach is usually one of the key ingredients for cleaning up composite decks, you need to make sure that this is included within the cleaner that you are purchasing.

On the label, you may see names like sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite. They will help you eliminate molds and mildew. Oxalic acid is beneficial for removing iron stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this product to clean materials beside the composite deck?

Yes, you can use it to clean other wooden materials, vinyl sidings, fences, carports, gazeboes, etc. Just check the packaging, and it will have the names of the materials on which you can use them.

2. Are these cleaners environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are environmentally friendly. Usually, composite decks have greeneries, plants, ferns, etc., all around them. So, keeping the health of you and your family members in mind, these products are designed.

3. Do I need different equipment to use these?

It depends on the cleaner that you are purchasing. Some of which are good for usage with a pressure washer, while some are not. You will also find products that support multiple usages

4. Do I need to prepare my deck beforehand for cleaning?

You can use some of these directly when you plan to clean. There are also cleaners for which you have to prepare your deck by watering it down before cleaning.

5. Can I use it to clean furniture or home products?

It is safe for you to use them for outdoor purposes only.

Final Words

We hope that this article will help you choose the best composite deck cleaners for your house. And you can consider the pointers before making a purchase based on your needs.

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