9 Best Bar Top Epoxy Resin Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you bored of that ordinary piece of wooden bar top? There are always unique ways to transform the surface — one of which is epoxy resin.

It can turn that lame design into some gorgeous looking bar top, with ideal protectant! You can even create those river tables you often see in the magazine catalogs.

But this artistic level of the high-gloss coating can become somewhat of a headache if not selected properly. How do you know you have the best bar top epoxy resin amidst so many in the market?

That is where we come in, and we will help you find the perfect one to achieve that creative bar top. So how about we take a quick look at the products and the buying guide below for detailed information?

Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop - 2 Gallon Kit

When it comes to creative imagination, the Crystal Clear epoxy resin is the best way to implement the work into reality. From making jewelry to bar top coating, whatever your task is, there could not be a better choice than this one.

Our favorite feature in this unit is the formula that fights against abrasions and liquid spills. However, that does not mean you can apply a greater impact on the surface to check its limits.

The epoxy mixture can resist clouding as well. As an outcome, the bar top coating will not face any ugly appearance as it cures. It produces a high-gloss finish that most users prefer.

Therefore, one can apply it to create various forms of designs or protectants that last years. It does say that the composition is highly resistant to UV lights.

However, we will not trust the feature as much. Despite the UV resilient substance, it does yellow over time. In fact, we think it does not prolong the duration at all. So we would ask you to be careful using it for outdoor projects.

Other than that, there is no other issue that can stop an enthusiast from buying this product. It eliminates any kind of air pockets or craters, making it an ideal beginner’s epoxy resin.

We do have to remind you of the curing timing, though. This will take time, so we suggest you apply thin layers, one at a time.


  • Releases air effectively
  • Resistant to water spills, UV, and scratches
  • Offers impressive strength against impacts
  • Delivers high-gloss result
  • Durable and suitable for any bar top surface


  • Drying time is quite long

2. EPOXY Resin 1 Gallon Kit. for Super Gloss Coating and TABLETOPS

EPOXY Resin 1 Gallon Kit. for Super Gloss Coating and TABLETOPS

Here is another epoxy resin that provides a clear and gloss finish upon final curing. A lot of the users have praised this product for being apt to any coating task.

In brief, there were mostly positive reviews regarding the item, which has made it second on the list. The only problem many have faced is related to the yellowing of the surface.

If you are a novice at this, you should know that epoxy resin is quite vulnerable when UV light is in question. Some have resistance properties, while others do not. Unfortunately, this one fails to provide such protection.

Thus, we do not recommend using it for outdoor artworks or tabletops. It will yellow within a short period! Aside from it, everything else is impeccably on point. The product is highly resistant to water and scratch.

This is why many have decided upon it instead of opting for other comparable epoxy resins. Of course, they have applied it to items that will stay indoors. What is more surprising is that the formula hardly gives off any odor.

So it is more bearable during the curing time than other products. Know that the mixture requires thorough stirring as it takes a while to eliminate all the air pockets.

Our tip to this matter is the application of flame, likely a blowtorch, around the epoxy mixture exterior. We all know how irritating these bubbles can be if not treated beforehand.


  • Offers high-gloss finish after curing
  • Scratch and water-resistant
  • Almost odorless, less chance of toxicity
  • Cures quickly at every stage
  • Self-leveling mixture 


  • Possibility of a lot of bubbles  

3. Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin for Wood Bar Table Top, Encapsulating, Coating Resin Art - 1 Gallon Kit

Epox-It 80 Clear Epoxy Resin for Wood Bar Table Top

While many consumers are not familiar with the name, the SRC Epox-It 80 is actually a well-known manufacturer. Despite this product not being their main specialization, it is surprisingly well-liked.

And what we loved most is the fact that it outshines the other products in terms of affordability. One can easily make it into their list without going overboard with the budget.

Even though it might not be an easy feat to work with, it is so far more convenient than others in the competition. There are plenty of features to look out for that complements this product.

For example, let us talk about the curing period. This is unexpectedly quicker than many other epoxy resins. It takes only about sixteen to twenty hours in total to cure entirely.

Besides, there is an additional ten-minute work time during the early stage of forty-minute curing. Some might find it tedious to wait that long, but many do not mind the duration since it only perfects the bar top surface.

Moreover, the DIY users will be happy to know that Epox-It 80 is a self-leveling epoxy that comes in a crystal clear formula. It is one extra task off the list, especially when the user is a novice and working with kitchen cabinet clear coats.

The product also has less odor, making it more likable to DIY enthusiasts. Such a faint smelling feature means only one thing, an excellent bar top epoxy resin where food contact will not be harmful.   


  • Comes with a high-gloss effect
  • Self-leveling
  • Approved by FDA for food safety
  • Very low odor
  • Cures faster than the rest


  • Requires quick application before hardens

4. FamoWood 5050110 Glaze Coat Kit - Gallon Clear

FamoWood 5050110 Glaze Coat Kit - Gallon Clear

Are you trying to coat the bar top for the first time in your life? If you do not have any clue about what to do, this kit will make everything easier.

The Glaze Coat is the best way to begin the journey with epoxy resins for any novice out there. It will be an unforgettable experience for the users. The package provides simple instructions for anybody to understand.

Therefore, even if you have never used epoxy before, you will do an incredible job with the help of FamoWood. Thanks to its heat resisting properties over 120-degree F, you will not have to worry about hot teacups/mugs damaging the surface.

This also means warm food platters or plates are also a welcoming sight on the tabletop. If you have any remaining after completing the coating job, you can always apply the mixture to the random art and craft projects.

So it is a product for versatile purposes where you will not regret purchasing it. Just a single coating equals about sixty varnishes! However, it is mainly for indoor items.

Never use it on things that will stay out in the sun, for it will ruin the whole thing and yellow in no time. But the best part is it does not matter what material the indoor bar top is; the coating kit will work like a charm anyway.


  • Resists heat up to a certain degree
  • Provides clear shiny finish
  • Fast-drying process
  • Ideal for novice users
  • Durable once cured


  • Requires several thin coatings to meet final viscosity

5. Environmental Technology 2128 128-Ounce Kit Lite Pour-on, High Gloss Finish, Gallon

Environmental Technology 2128 128-Ounce Kit Lite Pour-on

So do you wish to preserve and beautify the existing bar/tabletop that kind of looks dull at the moment? Does the old design feel off with the interior design? Well, you are looking at the perfect product to resolve these problems.

This model is a high-gloss epoxy that has taken place for one of the bests in the market. If it is the quality performance you seek, here is your top pick.

The only problem it brings along is the high content of yellowing when exposed to UV light. Therefore, limit the application only to indoor tabletops.

From high-end wood to the very old piece, this will do the job of conserving the surface marvelously. That also goes for other materials besides wood.

Thanks to the high resistance against heat and alcohol, it has long-term durability than other products. The mixture dries and cures quite fast as well due to the no solvent involvement.

Hence, you can expect an outstanding glossy finish once the surface dries. Furthermore, no solvent also means the formula almost eliminates any chance of corrosion on the wooden surface.

The mixture will provide the best and utmost protection against any harm on the required bar top areas. So if you are still in doubt, do not be it will cover all the imperfections with high-grade protection.


  • Waterproof and durable for a long time
  • High-gloss performing cure
  • Heat-resistant up to a point
  • The formula is solvent-free
  • Resilient to alcohol


  • Not ideal for outdoor items

6. RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin for Bars Countertops Furniture and Tables (Gallon)

RTG Supply Co. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin for Bars Countertops Furniture and Tables

Is the common epoxy surface is not to your liking? Do you want a more glossy finish that will make others turn and look? This formula is, then, made specifically for you.

If you wish to gain that mirror-like texture that reflects any object you place on the surface, you are at the right stop. But is that the only reason why the users have come to love this unit?

You can already guess the foe of the gorgeous epoxy design is the bubble/air pockets that cannot escape. Surprisingly, this epoxy resin will not cause you such headaches.

It has a formula that eliminates bubbles efficiently, leaving an ultra-clear coating for you to admire. Is the bar top made of metal, concrete, or stone? It will not matter because the epoxy will cover it all, including woods.

Now you can apply this to customize the top layer with a river surface or a simple coated glaze. The simple 1:1 ratio volume will ensure each operation you take over remains intact.

You can even embed dried flowers or old photographs before pouring the mixture onto the surface. This will not only change the appearance but also deliver something unique altogether.

Just make sure the surfaces are horizontally level if you want to achieve balanced curing.


  • Impervious to scratch, yellowing, and stains
  • Provides a mirror-like glossy finish
  • Can be applied to various types of surfaces
  • Easy to prepare and use
  • Heat-resistant to a higher level 


  • Long-term storage could make it thicker

7. Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear UV Resistant Finish, 1-Gallon Kit

Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear UV Resistant Finish

Here is another epoxy resin that offers ultra-clear protection along with a shiny, glossy outcome. It is one of the reasons why the product is quite renowned among DIY-ers.

Moreover, the UV resisting factor plays a major role here. Thanks to this feature, the user can salvage as many outdoor workpieces as possible. Remember that this does not mean the items will not yellow.

The components merely slow the timing; that is all. However, the application will remain resilient to the dangerous UV light for as long as imaginable. It is also waterproof, thus, extends durability on the wooden surfaces.

This product is known to be one of the easiest to mix and apply. Let us not forget that the mixture will contain no odor or VOC.

Hence, if you are concerned about the environmental toxicity, this will- at least, keep you and the surroundings safe from such fumes. In fact, it is another attribute that makes the product a favorite among users.

Plus, it has a short curing duration, speeding up the process naturally. Nevertheless, it is also an issue since it conveys a quick application. So take extra care when pouring the mixture onto the top surface.

Always keep the temperature in check to avoid increased bubbling due to delays. That means timing is of the best essence here. Even a minute late could lead to unnecessary bubbling.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Self-leveling makes corners and edges easy to balance
  • Water and impact-proof properties
  • Low odor and no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • UV-resistant 


  • Delaying could result in increased air pockets

8. Art 'N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin - 16 Ounce Kit

Art 'N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Who does not appreciate a smooth glass-like finish bar/tabletop? There is always a way to achieve such a bright and clear style. The Art ‘N Glow epoxy is the perfect remedy for a long-lasting coat.

If you are a fan of the transparent layer atop a vintage wood or metal material surface, this will deliver a top-notch job. Whether you intend to use it as a river table eopxy or a simple protectant application, we could not find a better solution.

The formula will safeguard the surface from water and UV rays. Thus, it is an excellent product for outdoor decorative objects as well. What we loved the most regarding the item is the extensive level of resilience it has against impacts.

It is one of the reasons why the formula is used for many coating operations instead of varnishing. The kit contains a 16-ounce of mixture that is suitable for small castings and coating.

The resin is safe to use with glow-in-the-dark pigments if you want to create something exceptional. In short, whatever creative idea is brimming in your mind regarding the product, we say go for it!

Just know that this kit is not suitable for large projects because it takes time to dry and cure. But when it dries, it becomes a rock-solid, impact-proof, odorless accomplishment. 

Who would not wish that in a beautiful, elegant bar top design?  


  • Extremely durable
  • Eco-friendly; no odor or VOC
  • Includes self-leveling and degassing formula for a flawless finish
  • Cures into a rock-solid structure
  • Versatile uses 


  • Not suitable for gigantic projects

9. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Two Gallon Kit | MAS Tabletop Pro Epoxy Resin & Hardener 

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Two Gallon Kit

We have left the best for the last. If you are already familiar with resins, then here is a two-gallon kit that can fulfill your requirement. This brand is one of the greatest to choose from when it comes to high-quality epoxies.

The professional-grade product is pretty trustworthy to hobbyists and enthusiasts everywhere. It is strong, easy to use, and hardens beautifully on the surface, leaving a glossy finish.

You will come to appreciate the product as it cures and provides the desirable appearance onto the plain-looking bar top. Whether you apply it in a business place or at home, the formula contains the perfect consistency.

It is also ideal for making the river tables if that is what you are into. Even if you are an amateur, the user-friendly application is hassle-free. So do not be afraid of ruining the project on the first try.

We do recommend testing the formula on a small project to familiarize yourself with the product, though.

The kit also includes a brush and a spreader. You will not have to purchase these things separately. On top of that, the product is odorless and VOC-free. We would still advise you to use the mixture in a ventilated area.

Thanks to the two-gallon container, it is capable of covering a large amount of surface, making the worth of every buck. On the other hand, it is susceptible to bubbling due to the long period of curing duration.


  • Contains no VOC and odor
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Provides wider coverage
  • Durable and delivers a high-gloss finish
  • Suitable for both professionals and novices 


  • Longer curing time

What to Look for Before Buying?

As you have viewed some products, it is time to go further into the subject. There are many brands besides the mentioned ones that you will need a precise assessment to decide better.


All epoxy resins have different thickness levels, just like wood furniture waxes. The thicker the gelled substance is, the richer and shiner appeal the finished task will have. On the other hand, thinner epoxy will reduce the overall work time.

Bar Top Epoxy Resin

The level of thickness relies on the type of project you plan on accomplishing. It can have a different effect depending on the weather you live in as well. Whether it is for storage or usage, the colder climate determines faster hardening. So choose wisely.


Believe it or not, the escaping of bubbles while drying is based on the thickness of the epoxy resin. So choose a product that allows these unsightly air pockets to rise and eradicate themselves.

Keep the temperature and humidity of the area in mind as well.


When we say durability, it does not simply layout the years of usability. It also describes the resistance to deteriorate despite the treatment the surface receives. That includes various forms of abrasions and liquids spillage.

Bar Top Epoxy Resin

Another point to remember is that epoxy resins are inclined to damage under UV radiation. So look for a formula that can prolong the UV blocking when exposed. Make sure it is waterproof and resists noticeable scratches, incisions too.


Always ensure that the epoxy resin you purchase is utilized or stored at a certain temperature level. Usually, it is above seventy-five-degree Fahrenheit. The temperature change will yield a different outcome.

Do not forget to read the specifications of the application before using the product. Make sure the area has low humidity as well.


Get an epoxy that offers a self-leveling feature. It will make the task of filling or inlaying versatile imperfections much simpler. You will not have to use a roller to level the surface either.

Curing and Drying Times

The drying of the epoxy and the curing of it are two entirely different matters. And the duration will vary as well. Drying is when you measure the working time, whereas curing means the time it takes to harden fully.

When you plan on doing something intricate, remember that curing will affect it differently. Consequently, it could take days to touch the surface properly without feeling stickiness.

Bar Top Epoxy Resin

Then, there are more days to consider before you can even apply another layer. Similarly, final curing will be longer than initial curing when you can eventually use the surface for general purposes.

So if you are a beginner or a DIY user, be patient with your project.


Since bar tops are sort of surfaces where there are high possibilities of food contacts, you will have to reconsider the options. So whatever resin choice you have in mind, be sure to check its information.

Does it conform to the FDA requirements? Is it eco-friendly? Ask these questions yourself to avoid purchasing the wrong product for the job.

Never work with epoxy resins without a safety mask and gloves. And most importantly, always work in a well-ventilated area to prevent trapping any toxic fume.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does epoxy resin yellow over time?

It depends on the epoxy strength. Also, if the resin finish item faces sunlight, for the most part, there is a chance of yellowing over time. It takes a long time for the dull hue to be visible, though.

Using a UV stabilizing epoxy resin can extend the yellowing prevention better.   

2. Is epoxy resin resistant to scratch? 

Yes, remember that it is practically a very strong glue. It will, for the most part, resist scuffing, scratching, and similar minor harm. The longevity of the resistance will rely on how thick the coating you have applied.

3. Can epoxy resin last outdoors?

No. If the epoxy resin finished item is left outside, the surface will turn yellow and eventually become brittle and peel off.

4. Is there a difference between epoxy resins and casting resins?

Yes, but it is not as substantial as one thinks. Casting resins are merely thicker in viscosity than epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are used for a quick and clear finish, while casting resins are applied to fill deeper cavities.

5. Can you remove epoxy? 

It is quite cumbersome to remove epoxy from a particular area, just like the best wood wax products. Epoxy resins are not meant for removal; therefore, there is nothing you can do but, using a scraper for the task. You will also require repainting of the surface where needed.  

Final Words

So here is our full attempt at in-depth information regarding the best bar top epoxy resin. Whichever you pick, make sure it offers a beautiful finish, moderate curing duration, and ease of use.

Remember that different kinds of epoxy resins discern from heavy-duty to light-duty. Do not forget to compare your project’s difficulty level to acquire the right product. Also, do check out our blog post on water-based polyurethanes if you're interested.

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